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April 19, 2008

Tom Watson


DAVE SENKO: Thank for joining us, 71 today, 134, 8-under, maybe just a quick recap of your day and we'll get some questions.
TOM WATSON: Well, my game is kind of like a furnace; it's hot sometimes, and it's cold and how does it know?
I played very well today from tee-to-green, with the exception of the 17th hole where I hit it off to the right a little bit, ten yards right of where I was trying to hit it and ended up in the water and made double-bogey there.
I putted for birdies on the other 17 holes and had some good makeable putts that I didn't make and made a couple on the back side. And the putter just wasn't -- it was like the thermos today; it was cold compared to what it was yesterday; it was hot yesterday.
Just made pars all the way around until 14. Finally made a birdie there. I putted for birdie on every hole and made the birdie there from about 12 feet and then birdied 16 from about 15 feet.
Sand wedge into the 14th and 16th it was a pitching wedge.
5-iron that I hit to the right at 17 was really about the only bad shot that I hit today, but it cost me. Hit it in the water, hit it in the bank and it bounced back in the water.

Q. It took you a while to get going yesterday, so did you always hold out hope that you were going to get it going today?
TOM WATSON: Sure, yeah. I was putting myself in position for a lot of putts, but the putter didn't feel very good today to what it was yesterday. I guess like I said, how does it know, just like a thermos.

Q. Is it discouraging? Feel like you're right there?
TOM WATSON: No, it's not discouraging, because I played well. If I continue to hit the ball the way I did today and putted half as well as I did the first day, I should be right there.

Q. It's pretty well accepted by everybody that it's pretty difficult to string two rounds together like you began with yesterday; just your thoughts on that?
TOM WATSON: Well, I started off on the first hole, I hit it to about four feet and I missed it. That kind of gets you off going, well, should have made that putt. Hit a 7-iron in about four feet and missed it. Didn't hit that bad of a putt. Just didn't read it right.
Then made some bad strokes on front side. Putter just wasn't reacting like it was yesterday. Why? I don't know. I'll figure it out tomorrow. I'll figure it out. I'll get the putter working a little bit better tomorrow.

Q. There's more wind out there today --
TOM WATSON: Yeah, it came from a different direction today. Made the golf course play the way it kind of normally does.
This is the southwest wind here, this is kind of where you normally have it here, west wind. That makes some of the holes play -- like 10 played into the wind at 10, and played into the wind at 3, but it made some of the holes play a little bit easier.
That's the beauty of wind. You play a golf course one day, and it's completely different the next day. But we don't have enough wind right now to really make it a lot different, but there is. It makes it just slightly different, which is fun.

Q. Obviously you'd like to win every week, but does a part of you kind of think it's neat to see a guy like Mark Wiebe have this rebirth in his career?
TOM WATSON: Not at my expense. (Laughter).
He's on a roll this year for sure. He's played well, won the first tournament out last year, which is remarkable. That takes some fortitude to make it like that, because if he didn't, he's not going to be able to play out here.
DAVE SENKO: Thank you, Tom.

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