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April 18, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. Back-to-back 68s, solid play out there today?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I was happy with the round. I felt like yesterday I was a little happier; I birdied the last two and three of the last four to get into a good round today. I dropped the shot on the way in on 7. I had a good opportunity there on 9.
But overall I'm happy with the round and obviously I'm not leading the golf tournament, but I should be within distance, and hopefully will have a good weekend.

Q. You talked about the bogey on 7, this golf course, almost walked single file down there, the tree got your tee shot. Is that one of the things you have to accept here?
JIM FURYK: You do. That green looks like it's about 8 yards wide from the tee. I just pulled a 5-iron. It was coming down probably -- it was probably going to come down a yard off the green left. But it was going to be close. I was hoping to stay up there on the green and have a decent pitch. It ricocheted off the tree. I had to go 40 yards back and right. I was able to hit a good bunker shot but couldn't finagle the 8-footer in for par.
That's part of it. That's part of this golf course. If you don't hit to the exact proper spot in the fairway you have to carve a lot of shots into the green.

Q. I was talking to your dad, Mike, out there, and he told me the part you're struggling with is the putting. Are you getting better?
JIM FURYK: I've actually had decent putting the two days. I've hit good and bad putts. I've hit three or four bad putts each day that I wasn't happy with. But I've hit a lot of good ones that have gone in. I haven't seen a lot of putts go in the last couple of months, really. I think there's room for improvement in my golf striking right now. I'm not hitting some birdie putts, and it's good to see them go in.

Q. A pair of 68s. Such benign conditions the last two days. If looks like the golf course is there for the taking?
JIM FURYK: I think the opportunity was there. But still the scores really aren't that particularly low. There's been a couple of good ones here and there. It's playing nice right now. It's not tremendously firm and fast yet. The wind hasn't blown that much. You'd think the scores would be lower than they are.
It's a tough course. You have to pick your spot in the fairway. The greens are tiny and it can jump up and bite you. It's gotten me a few times. I hit a few overhanging trees and made a couple of bogeys, but overall it's a solid round.

Q. Is it kind of mentally refreshing that you can't really overpower with length?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, good one for the short ones like me. But then you look like a guy like Davis Love who's always been a power hitter, and a guy who has overpowered golf courses through the years. He owns this place, with five wins. I think it's more about shaping shots, using your imagination, placing the ball in the right place in the fairway. If you don't, you really have to use your imagination and carve some shots out. Guys that are able to do that here -- you look at the guys that have won here in the past, they're all guys that really maneuvered the ball well and controlled the ball well.

Q. Your recent self-critique has to do with the short game. Do you feel like it's coming around this week?
JIM FURYK: It's been decent. I hit a handful of putts today I wasn't real pleased with. But I knocked a bunch in today, as well. My playing the first two days was much better. My short game around the greens was pretty solid. I got the ball up and down pretty well. I've been working on my short game pretty hard, working on my putting pretty hard, and hopefully if I keep doing that you'll see in results.

Q. Wouldn't hurt to peak around the time of your next home game, which is the Players?
JIM FURYK: I'll take it anytime. It wouldn't hurt to just peak. I'll take it. I've got to get some light practicing in this afternoon and work on a few things and hope to come out firing tomorrow.

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