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April 17, 2008

Carin Koch


THE MODERATOR: Carin, thanks for conning in and joining us today. Great round out there, 5-under par. You're the leader in the clubhouse. Can you talk about the conditions today and how well you played? The wind is really starting to pick up, but you finished birdie-birdie on 17-18.
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, the conditions were great today. It was just a beautiful day, a little cold in the morning, and not much wind. The wind kind of came and went a little bit during the day. A few holes played a little more with the wind or into the wind.
THE MODERATOR: Let's go over your scorecard before we start with questions. The birdie on hole 3?
CARIN KOCH: Okay, that feels like a lifetime ago. I actually hit a bad shot in the left bunker or almost like a waste area down there, and hit it up -- it was probably 15 feet.
Then on 5, I hit a good 24-degree rescue club, and that was probably 12 feet.
7, I hit a sand wedge into it, and that was also maybe 15 feet.
THE MODERATOR: Starting with the back nine you really --
CARIN KOCH: Yeah. 10 was probably 10 feet, 12 feet. That was a wedge.
11, I hit an 8-iron, and that was, again, 12 feet.
Double bogey on 15, I pulled my 8-iron and it was downwind right to left, and it flew too far and it went over the green in the high grass, and I had to take a drop and didn't get it up-and-down from the drop.
And then 17, I kind of hit a bad drive and laid up in the bunker and then had a 100-yard shot with a wedge from the bunker that went 20 feet past the pin, and I made the putt.
18, I hit it in the bunker off the tee on the left and had 5-iron, and that putt was, I don't know, 30 feet, probably a little more, 40 maybe. That was nice. It made up for the bad hole.

Q. When you get out on 18 and make a 40-footer, how much can that do for momentum as opposed to doing it on the 4th hole, when you end the day like that?
CARIN KOCH: It definitely feels more -- every shot is equal, but you can feel it more on 18. Definitely it's nice to finish the day like that, especially after 15. It was just one bad swing and it ended up worse maybe than it would have on a lot of other holes. Yeah, it was nice to finish the day like that.

Q. That's a lot of 12- and 15-footers. Is there anything you've got going here with your putting stroke?
CARIN KOCH: My putting felt really good. I shot 7-under on Sunday in Mexico and really played well all week but made the putts on Sunday.
You know, I'm definitely rolling it good. Usually that's my area where I don't think I make enough putts. I usually make the shorter ones.
Today I made a couple longer ones, too, which is not that often. It's not all luck; there's a lot of good putts. I'm definitely confident on the greens right now.

Q. Based on what you saw out there today and then based on the way a player like Lorena is playing right now, would you need four days like this to really pull off a tournament of this caliber?
CARIN KOCH: Yeah, probably, depending on what the weather and the wind does. There's a lot of girls playing really well, and Lorena being probably number one of them. So definitely.
I'm just really excited right now. I've had a couple of bad years and I'm finally starting to play solid golf again. I'm hitting a lot of fairways and a lot of greens, so that's what I'm going to focus on, rather than what Lorena and Annika are doing. It's so much more fun for me to play again now, and I've actually gotten to go to interview again, and it's a couple years ago that I did that, so that's a good sign.

Q. Can you point to any one thing as far as being the turnaround there?
CARIN KOCH: Mainly my driver. I had a lot of trouble with my driver. Still, 17 and 18 today wasn't perfect. But I'm definitely getting there. I almost had the yips off the drive for a while, and I'm not a long hitter. The long hitters are used to that a little more. It's just really hard to play golf from left and right of the fairway. Right now I'm hitting a lot of fairways and just worked on simplifying my swing, and it's working a lot better under pressure. And I can hit a lot of shots that I didn't hit very well the last couple years, like the ones out of the bunker, fairway bunkers on the last couple holes. That's about it.
And I've tried to really work on my short game a lot, too, and get my putting stroke good again.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks for your time, and good luck this week.

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