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April 13, 2008

Trevor Immelman

Billy Payne


CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: Good evening, everybody. I'm Billy Payne, Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club, and it's my pleasure to welcome you all to the presentation ceremony of the 72nd Masters Tournament. First, I would like to express our appreciation to our golf course and grounds crew for the remarkable job they've done this week in keeping our course in top-notch condition.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: I would like to thank our members and all of our truly wonderful volunteers, all 1,000 of them.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: And our sincere thanks to the Augusta National staff for their always courteous and excellent service.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: There's some very special friends that I would like to introduce. In Europe we have two close allies who lend very important support to our Tournament. I would ask the members of the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews to please stand, and representatives of the PGA European Tour. Gentlemen, thank you very much.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: Closer home in America, we are fortunate to have the support of several outstanding organizations. I would ask the individuals representing the following organizations to please stand: The United States Golf Association, the PGA TOUR, the PGA of America. Thank you, gentlemen.
At The Masters we work closely with many golf organizations around the world, and we are truly honored by their presence every year. I would ask representatives from each of these organizations to please stand as I call your name and remain standing, and please hold your applause until all have been introduced. The Argentine Golf Association, the Asian Tour, the Austrian Golf Association, the Bolivian Golf Federation, the Brazilian Golf Confederation, the British PGA, the Bulgarian Golf Association, the Canadian PGA, the Chilean Golf Federation, the Ecuadorian Golf Federation, the English Golf Union, the Europe Golf Association, the German Golf Association, Golf Australia, the Golf Union of Wales. I'm only halfway through, is this a great game?
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: The Golfing Union of Ireland, the Japan Golf Association, the Japan Golf Tour Organization, the Japan PGA, the Mexican Golf Federation, the Netherland Golf Federation, the Nicaraguan Golf Federation, the Panama Golf Association, the Peruvian Golf Federation, the PGA European Tour, the PGA of Australia, the PGA of Germany, the PGA TOUR of Australasia, the Puerto Rico Golf Association, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club, the Royal Canadian Golf Association, the Scottish Golf Union, the South American Golf Federation, the Southern Africa Pga Tour, the Swiss Golf Association, the Tour de las Americas, the United Arab Emirates Golf Association, the Venezuelan Golf Federation, and the World Golf Foundation. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your help.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: Next I would like to recognize Mr. Fred Ridley. Fred is the chairman of our competition committees. He conducts the Tournament, and he does so, I might add, extremely well. Fred, please stand.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: As I mentioned earlier, the members of Augusta National play a very important role in the success of the Masters. One member who has played a specifically important role is my predecessor, our chairman emeritus, Mr. Hootie Johnson.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: I would ask all the members of Augusta National Golf Club to please stand and be recognized.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: Before we recognize this year's 2008 Masters champion, I must say on behalf of the Club and all of your fans, Zach Johnson, you have been a wonderful champion.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: Zach, if you would do us the great honor of placing the green jacket on our new champion, Mr. Trevor Immelman.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Thank you. Wow, I'm at a serious loss for words here. But first of all, to Mr. Payne, thank you so much for hosting us this week. You know, I've kept saying all week long in the media center that anytime you come here to Augusta National, it's just an absolute thrill. You know, for all of us competing here this week, it was no different. It just was a fantastic week. So thank you so much.
To everybody who helped prepare the golf course, looked after us in the locker rooms, all the volunteers, the hundreds of staff that go behind running such an incredible event, thank you so much for doing this for us because this truly is something special for us to come and play here every year.
To Zach, congratulations on being such a fine champion. I've been looking up to you, I must say at times feeling a little jealous the whole of last year. But you're a fantastic man and an incredible ambassador.
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Obviously to all the fans that came out here to root for us today, all the South Africans, I saw and heard a lot of you out there, thank you so much for getting behind me and trying to push me through. I really appreciate that.
Lastly, to my family that are sitting here, my wife Carmenita, Jacob who's somewhere in the crowd, my little boy, my brother Mark, my mom June, my father Johan and my sister-in-law Tracy, thanks so much for being here, thanks so much for just making so many sacrifices for me to get to this point. I'll never forget what you guys have done for me, and I really do appreciate it. As much as it is for me, it's for you, as well, so thank you so much, guys.
CHAIRMAN BILLY PAYNE: Ladies and gentlemen, in conclusion, I would like to thank everyone for their tireless efforts and support in making the 2008 Masters a success, and we look forward to seeing you all again at the 2009 Masters. Thank you very much.


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