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April 13, 2008

Ian Poulter


Q. When did it start to unravel? Was it one shot?
IAN POULTER: No, there's not one shot. This course is likely playing 25 mile an hour. I push my tee shot on 5, I had to chip out sideways. I knocked it on the front of the green. 3-putted, which is very easy to do with that pin.
And then on 6 I hit what I think is a perfect golf shot, the wind's howling off the left-hand side, I start it at the left edge of the green, the ball doesn't move. Pitches left edge of the green, kicks down the green, kicks 30 feet left of that green. I hit what I thought was a perfect chip shot, which was 2 inches too far and it stayed up on the top side of the ridge. I have now got no putt, the best can I do is get it to about 15 feet. Consequently missed that one. Fine. Double, double.
Stand on the next tee, hit it slightly right. Hits a tree goes 80 yards right and further back. I've got no shot, no number, no shot, I got just no way of getting it back in the hole. Hit 5-iron and it goes through the trees somehow, short of the green. Leave it short, knock it on and make double. I got a double, double, double. And I'm, you know, I haven't, you know, I've hit a couple of loose shots, but I haven't really done an awful lot wrong there, to be honest.

Q. Triple was posted on the 6th for you there. You took five?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I took five. Yeah.

Q. They have you for a triple.
IAN POULTER: Oh, really, that's not very nice, is it.

Q. Was it tough after that?
IAN POULTER: Well, it was, how do you sum it up? You go double, double, double, double, I'm looking at the board still thinking, well I started with two birdies, so I can, you know, I'm all right. And I'm 4-over on the day, but it's, I can, now I can still make a few birdies, I know that. And I did. I managed to hit a great shot into 9, made birdie.
Par 10.
And then 4-iron I hit down into 11, goes a little left, we all know what's down there. A 2-putt double.
So four doubles in a space of like six holes. Kind of hurt me.
The wind drops on me on the 12 tee, I pitch 7-iron way up in the bank and it managed to kick down on the edge of the green and I missed it, made bogey.
It was just, it was one of those days. Every single time I managed to hit what I thought was a half decent golf shot, you know, whether there was a bit of wind switch or what, I always found the wrong side, the wrong side on this golf course. And we all know what that can do.
And again on 16 I hit what I thought was a perfect golf shot. I'm trying to use the bank, I hit it six inches too far and it stays on the top ledge. If it comes back down I've got an 8 foot, 6 foot birdie putt.

Q. So you still leave feeling great about your game?
IAN POULTER: Well I've done not an awful lot wrong and there's no way I'm going to walk off today thinking that I've just had a mare, you know, I've actually, I've hit a couple loose tee shots with the driver today, which were a little bit off line, but it's blowing 25 miles an hour out there and it's tricky.
The iron shots I've hit today I actually haven't hit that many bad irons or in fact I haven't hit a bad iron shot, to be honest with you. So what can you do? I've dropped 11 shots on the golf course today.

Q. Under these conditions and this pressure how impressed are you with what Trevor's doing? He's playing pretty steady.
IAN POULTER: Yeah, Trevor's in a nice situation, he's obviously playing great, and he's doing exactly what he needs to do to put a jacket on today; and that is to go out there and play par golf.
He's level par through 11 holes and everybody -- you can't chase around this golf course. And that's what guys are having to do because he's playing par golf. And the way the pins are set up, you can't chase on this golf course. It is not a golf course that will allow you to do that. And when you do, you'll make mistakes and that's what everybody is doing on that board.

Q. Did you have any balls move for you on the green?
IAN POULTER: On nine it took me about three goes to hit my shot on nine. It's one of the most exposed greens we have got here and it was oscillating. I had to back off it twice.
That's what you're going to get if you're going to get 25 mile an hour on greens that run 14. They're moving a little bit.

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