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April 13, 2008

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: I was getting the ball on the green, but the tricky part for me was around the greens. And I think the greens were receptive enough, I can see how a guy went out there and shots 69. It's really difficult to do, but I can see how it was done.
I don't think we are going to see someone in the lead do that. But it's there. If you hit a good golf shot you can stop the ball on the green. They did a good job today of not letting the greens get away to be too firm or too fast.

Q. The last 10 parings there was nobody under par for the round. Is that because of the pressure do you think?
JIM FURYK: I don't think there's any pressure on the last 10 groups, I'm not sure about that. I think on the last ten groups of the day?

Q. Yeah, of the day.
JIM FURYK: They played in a little worse weather too. The guys who went out early, it wasn't as bad when I started and it got worse as the day went on. So they're in the worst weather so far, but it could lay down here coming down the stretch as well.

Q. When you're at the Masters tournament is it more about the conditions than the course changes as far as scoring because it seemed like the Tournament up to today had pretty favorable --
JIM FURYK: I can't remember yesterday let alone last year.

Q. It was windy and cold last year. You remember that.
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I think that even though the rain was there, the golf course was never -- it was playable for a lot of people the last couple years with the elements and the wind and the way the conditions were. I don't think it was a bombers paradise the last couple years. And I think that the direction of the wind is important and a westerly wind is pretty good for the average hitters like myself.
The reason I say that is it kind of neutralizes 13 and 15 a little bit. And it puts holes, like 7, I'm going in there with a gap wedge today. And it'll put 7 and 17 and holes that are very difficult when they're into the wind or soft for the short hitters, it puts them downwind and kind of neutralizes power again.
So holes like 8 are into the wind, 13, 15. 13's still reachable, even for myself today. I was going in there with a 3-iron after a good drive. But 15 was just, I can see a lot of guys they're not going to be going at 15, the bombers maybe, but with all this wind, there's no guarantee of that as well.

Q. Did the wind really make you linger over a shot or putts or anything?
JIM FURYK: Everyone's puckering on 12.

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