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April 12, 2008

Trevor Immelman


Q. Very well played.

Q. How difficult was it to hold it together on the front, make the turn and play as well as you did on the back side?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, I think any time you're playing this course it's difficult to hold it together, let alone the third round of the Tournament.
But my game felt pretty sharp starting out, so that kind of eased the nerves a little. You know, the bogey on 4, I was in between clubs there, so I was trying to manufacture a shot and didn't quite come off. But once I made the birdie on 8 and I felt like I got into a little bit of a rhythm, and the rest of the round just kept going.

Q. What did you see on 15 when you hit that approach, the third shot?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: You know, needless to say that's a pretty tough shot. I just hit it with so much spin, I almost hit it too good, and the ball came out on a lower trajectory than what I was looking for, and it just had so much spin on it. I have no clue how that ball stayed up there, but obviously I'm thankful.

Q. Knowing that tomorrow is a day that could change your life, how do you manage that knowledge and the pressure that comes with it?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, quite easily, because there's such a long way to go. There's so many great golfers out there that if I start resting on a two-shot lead here, I'm not going to do very well tomorrow. I'm going to go out there tomorrow -- from tonight and just think good, positive thoughts and give it my best shot. That's all I can ask from myself is just to play as hard as I can.

Q. If you could pick one thing in your career that's prepared you for the crucible of tomorrow, what would it be?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I think there's been many things that have prepared me. I mean, I've dreamed about playing professional golf since I was five years old, and so there's been a lot of bumps in the road, as with anybody. You know, I'm going to go out there and play my heart out.

Q. Is that as well as you've ever played?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: I would say from about the 10th hole I really controlled my ball as well as I have in the past. Under that sort of pressure, I was pretty proud of myself.

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