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April 12, 2008

Adam Scott


Q. So a 61 will get it done?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think I need that much. But where I am is not looking so good, but maybe a 68 might be good enough.

Q. I guess I was just trying to humorously ask you whether you still feel you had a chance.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Absolutely. Depending upon what happens the next nine holes of golf, but it's getting a bit cooler, if the wind blows the back nine, it's not easy.

Q. You're obviously not happy where you are. You are certainly more positive than yesterday and obviously you've taken another step today.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, if I could just get off to a start I would have a chance at having a good round. It's frustrating today. It was weak putting, not poor shots that cost me. Taking 4 from green side at No. 2 for a bogey.
And then 3-putting 7.
And I missed a three or 4-footer on the 3 for birdie.
So that was a good front nine out there, 2- or 3-under to go with my good solid back nine and it would have been a really good round. So I just kind of need it tomorrow.

Q. Did you leave much out there?
ADAM SCOTT: On the front nine I did. Yeah, I left three on the front nine I would say, without asking too much. But, yeah. I'm playing well.

Q. What do you need to do to play well here?
ADAM SCOTT: For me I just need to not bogey the holes in the first seven. I seem to be 2-over through 7 every round. It makes it hard to make up any ground. So I'm always scrambling on the back nine coming in. And it's not the best feeling to have.

Q. When you go out there tomorrow to you plan to attack or can you not do that here?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't think that will happen. If the weather is the way it is, you know, even par could go a long way tomorrow. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me to see 5-under leading at the end of today.

Q. Really?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I mean a lot of stuff can happen out there. And we watched it yesterday with Justin, unfortunately. And that's what happens. Especially if the wind blows. .

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