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April 12, 2008

Johnson Wagner


Q. Talk about the round today.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I've given a lot of shots away, bogeyed some par-5s, had a lot of 3-putts, but I'm really happy with the way I played. I've been really nervous in the previous two Majors that I've played and I think that I've done a good job keeping myself composed and I'm really happy with it and I'm just going to build on this.
Because I made the cut, haven't really played a good round yet, but tomorrow will be there. A good round tomorrow will jump me way up. And this has just been a dream three days. Playing Augusta, four straight days in the Masters has just been incredible.

Q. Do you go into today thinking, I have to be a little bit more aggressive because I need to jump up a little bit or even if it's top 16 or even remain in contention?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Going into tomorrow or did I go into today?

Q. Go into today.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I did. But it's really hard to be aggressive out here. Because if you fire at some pins, you're making bogey for sure, so you just kind of plod along, make your pars and take your chances when you can. And I definitely found myself hitting a few more aggressive shots when I had the opportunity.

Q. Did the course feel any softer because of the rain at all?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Definitely. It was a lot softer. The fairways were softer and I didn't really get much mud on my balls out there, but it was definitely softer, balls weren't rolling much and the greens were maybe not as fast as I thought they were going to be. It was very, I mean, it's a little breezy, but it was very scoreable today.

Q. Snedeker, he's got the personality that he wouldn't be overwhelmed by anything like this?
JOHNSON WAGNER: No, he knows he belongs here. He's always had that kind of personality. I'm more, I've been kind of in awe this week, but at the same time playing a tournament and Brandt is not in awe of anything, he's here to win a tournament and that's it.

Q. A guy we were having dinner who knows Brandt well said one of the best things that could happen to golf would be for him to win the Masters given his personality and people getting to know him.
JOHNSON WAGNER: No doubt about it. He's one of a kind just a great guy to hang out with. If you ever get the chance to have a couple beers with him, it's a blast.

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