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April 12, 2008

Justin Rose


Q. Roller coaster ride, wasn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah. Just -- no, I mean, two, 3-putt bogeys in the first six holes. Hit the ball nicely. Just didn't, couldn't get going. Just real pretty hard work to do. Hard work.

Q. A lack of adrenaline?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, big time. Big time. But I came out with, obviously, positive, good thoughts and I felt positive. And then, but obviously it's just, when you're going -- it's just been hard to really grind it out.
But I did my best to relax and try and make the best of the situation. And obviously I made a few birdies coming in. Felt like I really should not have 3-putted the par-5 14th, 13th and then hit a great shot into 15 just on the back edge and just didn't get it up-and-down from me to there. So, yeah.

Q. 11, what happened on 11?
JUSTIN ROSE: The thing is, that's, I've never ever hit it in the water there if I was 5-under for a tournament, you know. When you're 5-over for the tournament, and you start going at pins that you probably shouldn't be going at, you know, sometimes that's what this course does to you. When you press on this golf course, it just seems to get further and further away from you.

Q. How did you feel when got back to the house last night?
JUSTIN ROSE: I was delighted. Thoroughly delighted to get back. Yesterday was a funny round too. I hit every fairway, pured it off the tee, technically everything was in perfect shape. But obviously there was just a lack of slight mental adjustment over those two days.
Really, the game, there's no -- the game didn't go anywhere overnight, it's obviously I just struggled to sort of frame it up right in my mind, I suppose.

Q. So what became the motivation to do as well as you can? Do you fall back on Ryder Cup or is it learning more about the Augusta or what?
JUSTIN ROSE: I don't, really to be respectable, I suppose. I was just trying to work my way back into a position where you could say, well, it wasn't really too bad a week or whatever. But we're always trying to get World Ranking points, Ryder Cup points, etcetera, etcetera. So.

Q. What were the conditions like out there?
JUSTIN ROSE: I actually thought it was relatively, dare I say it, easy. The pins were, you know, obviously greens softened up a touch, I thought the pins for Saturday were accessible.
So I thought if you played well out there, I think there is a score. Which is kind of I think a good thing. It's nice that if some guys can come from behind and catch up a bit on the leader, obviously it condenses the pack a little bit and it gives or makes it exciting for Sunday.

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