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April 12, 2008

Zach Johnson


Q. Talk about the front nine?
ZACH JOHNSON: The front mine was solid. If I needed to make a putt, I certainly did. It was one of those where I put myself in position to make birdies.
Heck, even on 1 I left that one short.
But 2 was a pretty straightforward birdie putt and I put myself in a great place on my second shot.
3, I hit it close, obviously.
4 was a good save.
Nearly made a birdie on 5.
Made one on 6.
7 was a great save. 7 was pretty much the spitting image of 16 yesterday can except for my lie wasn't quite as bad in the bunker. If it flies a foot further or a foot shorter I'm probably better off, but I'll take my four. A that was a round saver there.
8 wasn't very good.
And then 9 was very solid. I hit two good shots in there to make a 3. So all in all a good front nine.

Q. Starting the day 10 shots behind the leaders, did you even think about your positioning, having to make a move at all?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, Saturday is kind of that moving day as they say. But, no, somebody just asked me if I put a number in my head and I certainly didn't do that. I thought that if I could get off to a good start, hopefully the weather would be a little bit more benign for the morning guys, well late morning guys, I guess the first guys off, that's always an advantage. Not to wish ill will on the guys competing now, but it is competition, so.
I thought if I could post a good number, you never know where it would take me. You never know what this course will bring. Right now it's not playing extremely difficult, the fairways are holding, but yet still getting a little release. The greens are soft. So there's probably going to be some really good numbers up I think this afternoon.

Q. Think at all about where the gap may be for Sunday and is there a number in your head?
ZACH JOHNSON: Oh, no. I'm still, I didn't think about that last year on Sunday, and I certainly won't think about it tomorrow.

Q. How much difference has the rain made?
ZACH JOHNSON: I don't think it's been that much of a difference. The only thing is that you can -- the wind is starting to pick up. You're starting to get a little more release on your ball, but you have to control your spin.
I think the only difference right now is the greens might be a touch slower than what they would have been if it didn't rain and they're holding, of course, and if you have a wedge, you got to control your spin. Because it's going to spin pretty significantly.

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