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April 11, 2008

Ben Crenshaw


Q. We have got an interesting stat for you, which I'm sure you are aware of, but we understand that you are the last man to win the Masters having led on day one. Are you surprised at that statistic?
BEN CRENSHAW: I am surprised. I can't believe it's been since 1984. That's a good while. It shows you the ups and downs of this course. It plays so difficult now. But I don't if there's any rhyme or reason for that. I can't figure that out. I did have a good score that first day, that 67, but I can't explain that.

Q. Can you imagine the pressures that Immelman is going through, and what would be a piece of advice that you would impart to him?
BEN CRENSHAW: I played a practice round with Trevor this year and I played twice with him in the Tournament. He's a wonderful player, a wonderful striker of the ball, and the only thing that I told him, I said, you got to believe in yourself. And I think that the only thing.
And he's a wonderful striker of the ball, I think he's a little docile about his putting sometimes. And I said, you got to convince yourself you have a beautiful stroke. And he does. And I said you have to rely on that and rely on your instinct in order to pace the ball. But he is well capable. He's a wonderful player.

Q. Talk about what happened on 15 and Michael Thompson and all that and how he handled himself and to anybody out here hope to display that sportsmanship. From your vantage point tell us what happened.
BEN CRENSHAW: He handled himself beautifully. I turned away, I was trying to get out of his line when he was putting. But he claimed that he grounded the club. I didn't see that, but my back was turned, I guess. And it was at a very critical juncture too. Because he had hit a beautiful approach shot in there. He's looking at birdie. And he knows he's right on the cut line too.
But that is unfortunate. I mean, you know, when the greens get this fast, a little gust of wind can move the ball. But I didn't see him ground the club. But he said he did.

Q. The game is so much about sportsmanship and the pressures at the highest level, but Mr. Jones somewhere has got to be smiling that an amateur handled himself like that. Would you agree with that?
BEN CRENSHAW: Oh, no question. I tell you what, that boy is going to go a long way. He is a really good player. He's a great kid too. That's so unfortunate to happen at that moment.

Q. What did you say to him either after the hole or after the round about the situation?
BEN CRENSHAW: Well, I mean he handled it beautifully. Right off the green I said, you know, I said, are you certain that you grounded the club, and he said, yeah, I did.

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