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April 11, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. I don't think you hit a bad shot on 18, did you?
JIM FURYK: Well, I drove it a little bit left and I was on that pine straw and I slipped on my second shot. But the ball ended up exactly where you would want it. That green is very baked out and very crusty and actually probably the worst green on the course right now.
They're all perfect, that one is good, but it's the least good, I guess is the best way to is say it.
The pitch, I thought I hit just kind of the way I wanted to, you have to be aggressive to get it up there on the hill. And it must have hit really firm.

Q. You could see it rolled back about one revolution of the ball and stopped. It wanted to go.
JIM FURYK: And then hit a pretty good fourth shot and a decent fifth shot, but it lipped out.
So, again, two days in a row a disappointing finish and you look at the board and through 16 I'm only two and three shots behind the leaders and they go birdie, birdie I go double at the end and now I'm seven behind.
So it's disappointing. I'm mad today. I didn't play that particularly well today, mechanically I wasn't particularly good today. But I really was patient, I really got the ball in the hole, I got it up-and-down when I needed to and I kind of turned what could have been a very average to bad day into a pretty good day there, until 18.

Q. Talk about 12. That was a pretty good reaction.
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I just hit a bad shot. I hit it very thin on the heel and it came up short. There's a little -- if that ball is a little left of where it is, it goes in the water, if it goes to the right of where it is, it goes in the water. There's a little shelf, a little flat shelf that the ball happened to land on and it stayed up.

Q. It looked like it was in the water for good. How did it stay there? Have you seen a ball do that before?
JIM FURYK: Yes. You weren't listening the first time. If it goes to the left of that, it goes in the water, if it goes to the right of that, it goes in the water. But there's a little flat shelf right there and the ball will stay up on that shelf. And it just happened to be in the right spot. But I was very lucky.

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