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April 11, 2008

Drew Weaver


Q. Today was tough day. What was the difference today?
DREW WEAVER: Just got off to a rough start. It's a difficult golf course and if you start hitting it off line you're going to have some trouble. And this really wasn't my day. It's not like I didn't try or anything, I just kind of -- it kind of didn't happen today.

Q. You also had some magical moments on 8 where you sort of played that banana shot right out of the pine needles. Can you talk about what you were feeling when that was going on?
DREW WEAVER: I started hitting drivers in the trees. That was pretty much the whole thing on the whole front nine. It was a really good out and a really good third shot and I think if I could have made that birdie then I could have really turned it around and now I'm alive. But I just couldn't do it today.

Q. This is a tough challenge for any amateur, but in particular do you have any emotions that you're taking with you around the course, could you tell us about your week and how hard it has been?
DREW WEAVER: Obviously a Major Championship is physically and mentally draining and, I mean, I'm exhausted. That's the bottom line.
I spent quite a long time getting ready for this and just it's kind of tough to see it come to an end, but what can you do?

Q. Do you understand now how tough it is for someone to win a Major like this for four days going through this?
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, it's a grind. I mean it's tough. It's the toughest event I've ever played and there's quite a bit of pressure. And as much as I prepared I think that just it's all about experience. Because I can really take this week and use it in the future and hopefully in future trips back and hopefully just kinds of learn from it.

Q. What were you thinking back there on the 13th green?
DREW WEAVER: I can't believe I missed that putt. And I should have cleaned that ball. I just, I don't know, I should have just marked it and cleaned it. But I just brushed it and made a terrible putt and that was kind of a killer. But I don't know, it's one of those things. It's a lot of frustration and embarrassment and it was just tough.

Q. Talk about experience, what do you think you're going to be able to take away from this week that will help you down the road?
DREW WEAVER: A lot. This is a tough week and it's a golf course unlike anything I've ever played and it's just the biggest thrill in golf and you got to really, you know, prepare yourself.
I felt like I was prepared, it's just that you go out there and start hitting a few shots off line and it's tough to get it back. And I think that today was one of those rounds where I just couldn't get anything to go my way.

Q. There's a lot of people back at Virginia Tech I would imagine watching you, what does it all mean?
DREW WEAVER: Next week will be tough. Wednesday will be a tough anniversary, but hopefully I can, you know, just keep on trying to represent the university in a good way. And that's my main goal. That's why I wear the logo and carry the bag and everything. And I'm just trying to do it for them.

Q. Are there any messages or letters in particular that meant something to you before the Masters?
DREW WEAVER: Oh, there's been a ton of those. Whether it be e-mails or text messages or anything, there's been hundreds of messages and it's been, I really appreciate the support and definitely it helps.

Q. From fellow students or families of victims?
DREW WEAVER: Everybody you can imagine. People I don't even know. Students, faculty, everybody.

Q. Are you going to stay here or are you going to go home?
DREW WEAVER: I'll probably just stay here and kind of just decompress. It's been pretty stressful week. And I just need some time to kind of cool out.

Q. Can you still stay at the Crow's Nest?

Q. I think Michael is going to make the cut.
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, I don't know how he's doing today, but he was 1-over yesterday, so.

Q. Now you got something to refocus on, don't you?
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, I got to take a few days and get away from golf and hopefully get up on some school work. But the ACC's, we're leaving on Wednesday, so it's coming quick.

Q. Is all the emotions just kind of letting loose right now?
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, it's tough. When you work so hard to get ready for something like this and it just doesn't happen, but it's been a great week.

Q. Are you going to walk around the course try to relax tomorrow at all?
DREW WEAVER: I don't know. We'll see. Just kind of play it by ear. Just probably get some rest. Kind of decompress.

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