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August 2, 2001

Brent Geiberger


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: I'd like to thank Brent Geiberger for joining us for a few minutes. Great round today, with 12 points. Actually, you had a very interesting round today with 12 points.


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: But we'll get to that a little later. Why don't you make a couple comments about your round and then we'll take some questions.

BRENT GEIBERGER: I played pretty solid for the most part. Like you were saying, I had a couple interesting stretches in there where I started off with a birdie and then 3-putted 11 and had a bad hole on 13. Thank God I kept myself patient and calm and knew there was a lot of holes left. I was able to get some back, especially I eagled 17. So, that really gets you back into it, or back on track, actually, for me.

Q. You mentioned a slow start. What was it out there that you were able to do to kind of turn it around?

BRENT GEIBERGER: Well, I birdied 10, with a driver and a 5-iron about ten feet and made a birdie there. But 11, I 3-putted there. I picked the wrong club. Hit a 7 and should have hit 8 probably. We were not sure about the wind and how far it was carrying that early. I had about a 30-footer to 3-putt. And then on 13, I had a backup shot on one. And then hit it over the bunker and hit it over the green and made a 6. So, that's negative three, so all of the sudden going from 2 points to negative two points, in a span of three holes. I birdied 14 and made a nice up-and-down there. Good opportunity on 15. I just missed. I birdied 16, which is always nice to birdie a hole out here before a par 5, you can get a nice little stretch of a couple of holes. Hit a driver and a 5-wood about 12 feet behind the hole there and hit a nice putt. Made eagle. So, all of the sudden I am backup to -- negative 2 points to plus 7, so I tried to make sure I didn't do that again. One bad hole. I had to take an unplayable on No. 6. I hit a driver right there, into a bush, and almost made par, but playing bogey there. Made a nice putt on the next hole, from about almost 20 feet behind the hole, 7, the p-a-r 3 down the hill. Almost made another eagle on 1. Hit a driver and 5-wood about 20 feet pin-high right. I made birdie there. Nice par on the last hole.

Q. How much did the lift, clean and place contribute to your round?

BRENT GEIBERGER: Well, if we didn't do it -- I didn't see much mud on it, actually. A little bit. There were not any big clumps, which can normally happen, and then you are really guessing what the ball is going to do. But it would be a little bit. You can definitely put it on a decent spot and give yourself a really good lie. But for the most part, like in the practice round, our lies were always pretty good. Some weeks, it gets a little dicey where it is sitting down a little bit, but the grass is real nice and sitting up. I would say just a little bit.

Q. A birdie-bogey exchange in this tournament helps you out more than on a normal weekend. Now, with you kind of being a little bit up-and-down all day long, does that, you know, play into your mind, those conditions, in a round like you had today?

BRENT GEIBERGER: A little bit. I mean, you don't like making bogeys, but you don't mind it as much, as long as you are making birdies. And I thought about it when I was going up -- I think I was going up 17, and I was pretty much even par, but I had like plus a couple points and making eagle, was like and a half birdies. David Gossett told me, "Nice two and a half birdies there." You've got to make a lot of birdies here. This is my fourth time, I think, playing, and you've got to make at least four birdies if you want to make a difference. You're going to make a bogey or two. But, you know, eagles are huge out here, and as long as you can make four or five birdies a round, you're doing okay. You get some of those guys that just bomb it, hitting every par 5 with an iron. I don't hit it that high. Scrape it around and see what I can get out of it.

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