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April 10, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. One of those 70's is probably the worst you could have shot given the way you hit the ball you hit a lot of greens?
JIM FURYK: I wouldn't say that. I made a lot of saves and I hit a lot of balls in spots on greens that were difficult to 2-putt.
I started out the first four holes really putting well. I hit some really difficult 2-putts on 2 and 4 and I made some real good short putts. I hit a real bad first putt at 1, but knocked in a good 6-footer and felt good with the blade.
And I had a really tough 2-putt on 18 or not 18, at 5 and 13. And I wasn't able to, I hit a pretty good first putt at 5 and couldn't make a 4-footer. And then I hit a real poor, just had one of those putts where I felt like I couldn't hit it high enough on 13 and I wanted to hit it hard, and to get it out there, but it was just one of those I didn't feel like if I hit it soft enough it was going to end up low, if I hit it hard enough not to be low it was going to go too far and I could have got it I think in there inside three or four feet, but I just hit a poor putt.
And but other than that I played pretty good. I had a pretty good opportunity at birdie at 12. I hit a decent putt. And I wouldn't say that I putted poorly today, but I definitely could have got more out of that round.
And I'm a little, if I would have walked in and I would have got down in two on 18 and shot 69, I would be pretty happy. So the disappointing part was finishing on that. And if I birdie 18 for a 2-under I would be feeling great. And the bogey at 18 for 2-under and you kind of feel like, considering I hit a really good drive and a good second shot. I just ended up a touch long.

Q. Good 2-putt on 16, do you think? I mean, I know how hard it on a looks from a distance, but was the first putt on 16 pretty difficult?
JIM FURYK: Yes. Considering the two guys were way inside me and neither one of them got inside five or six feet. I made some great 2-putts today. Like I said, I had a difficult one on 2, 4, oh, 11, 16, I actually made some pretty darn good 2-putts. 17 wasn't a bargain either.

Q. The good news is I checked back and except for 2001, this is your best opening round at Augusta. Do you think in those terms?
JIM FURYK: No, I don't. I think a lot of those scoring today, I mean, look, here it's 8 o'clock, it still feels like it's 70 degrees, there's no wind, the greens were somewhat receptive. I think we had an opportunity to play today. And I don't expect that obviously to keep up. And I know the weather is looking south a little bit for the weekend. Especially, Saturday. So hopefully we dodge that. But it will keep drying up throughout the week and keep getting tougher and tougher.

Q. So considering how it was there to be had weather-wise is it just that tough now they made it that hard?
JIM FURYK: It's a pretty good test of golf. I mean, it used to be a lot of fun to play. It's not fun any more, but it definitely got a lot harder and a lot more difficult. You just have so much more club in your hand than you used to. And you put a 6- or 5-iron in your hand where you used to have 8-iron it becomes a pretty difficult course. And 7, you know --

Q. That's why we're not hearing a lot of roars, I suppose?
JIM FURYK: I just don't think you have for the last few years. And it's obviously a decision they made, it's their event. And it's just a different golf course and a different way we approach it now.

Q. Was your ball picking up much mud on tee shots today?
JIM FURYK: Not too bad. A little bit here and there. But I can see that, but I'm, I probably don't hit the ball high enough to do that. I was a little afraid I kind of hit a high, loopy draw off 10 and I was kind of thinking to myself, don't pick up any mud, because it gets soft down there in the bottom of the hill. So, but it turned out fine.

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