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April 10, 2008

Drew Weaver


Q. Talk about how it went today.
DREW WEAVER: It was a decent round. I didn't get off to the easiest start ever. I made a really good par on the first which kind of calmed me down. I played really solid on the front and the hit a few loose tee shots on the back nine that really cost me.
And I'm really disappointed with bogey on 18. I have no idea what happened on the second shot. I hit it completely fat. There's no way to explain it, no way to sugar coat it.
I think overall I ground hard and 76 is okay, I think it was as bad as I could have shot today. But a lot of good putts and it was an okay round.

Q. Worried about that second shot going into that bunker?
DREW WEAVER: Not at all. No, not at all. I struck it very well and felt really good about my swing. So, no, I'm going to go to the range and work it out a little bit, but I feel really good with the way my swing is. And it should be a good round tomorrow.

Q. What are some of the emotions you're experienced after your first round?
DREW WEAVER: Kind of, I don't know, glad that I have one round under my belt. Glad that I played decent. You see a lot of guys come out here and really, really struggle. But I feel like I played solid and not good by any means, but I wouldn't say that it was overly bad for my first round at the Masters.

Q. Would you like to have a couple shots back?
DREW WEAVER: Obviously the one on 18 was bad. And I caught a huge break on 13. That was the best break of the day and that's probably a round saver with that tee shot staying out of the hazard.
But you know what, I hit a lot of good shots and some of the good shots that I hit didn't really end up in good spots. So kind of just take it for what it's worth and just move on.

Q. Was that birdie on 16 your favorite moment of the day?
DREW WEAVER: Absolutely. It was about an inch from going in, I think.

Q. What did you hit?
DREW WEAVER: 8-iron.

Q. Did you think it was in from the tee?
DREW WEAVER: I thought it had a good chance.

Q. How important was that par putt at 1?
DREW WEAVER: Oh, that was big. It's always good to get off to a decent start and obviously the tee shot wasn't all that I was really thinking about, but it was okay. I had a good recovery and hit a really good pitch shot and even better putt. So it's a good way to get things going.

Q. How far was the putt?
DREW WEAVER: 10 feet.

Q. Talk about the gallery support.
DREW WEAVER: It was great to have everybody out there and just to get that much support from the gallery was really a good feeling.

Q. How much experience have you had leading up to this? Were you able to call on that a little bit in helping you on a couple shots?
DREW WEAVER: My nerves were good for the most part. I wouldn't say I was nervous to the point where I couldn't really or I had trouble pulling the trigger. I was fine most of the day. And there's always moments in a Major Championship when you're going to feel some nerves. And I was kind of able to deal with those and made some clutch par putts. That putt on 11 was huge.
It was a good first day, I think. I got a long ways to go tomorrow, but I feel okay about the way I played.

Q. Talk about the courses.
DREW WEAVER: They're totally different. It's tough to say. This golf course is equally demanding, but in different facets, so.

Q. Your nerves weren't present on the first tee?
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, obviously your heart's going to be beating a little quicker, but I probably just swung at it a little too heard and toed it a bit. But yeah, no, my nerves were fine.

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