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April 10, 2008

Zach Johnson


Q. How does it feel to be back up here again?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, I've never done this on Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I've only done it on Sunday. But it feels great. It feels great to be back on-site playing golf at Augusta National.

Q. How did you play the par-5s today?
ZACH JOHNSON: Par-5s, I played them well. I played them 1-under and actually made a pretty sizable putt, probably 15, 18 feet for birdie on 13.
2, I hit a great approach shot, just misjudged the yardage, but it flew over the stick.
Then 8 is probably the hardest pin on that hole. That was a tough birdie regardless of where your hit your second or third shot for that matter, and then 15, I could have got it there in two very easily, I just decided to lay up based on the wind and my lie and that sort of thing.
All in all, the par-5s are good. These par-5s, you can hit mediocre shots and make a 6 pretty quick, and I took 6 out of the picture, which was good.

Q. Same strategy, laying up?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, you know, my strategy, it just depends on condition. It's all condition-based, it's all where my drive ends up. I mean, I'm not going to go into any round saying I'm not going to go for it in two. It depends on my lie, the situation, the wind, the club in my hand, et cetera. You know, for the most part, the decisions were fairly easy today to lay up.

Q. What about the greens? Were they slick today?
ZACH JOHNSON: A little faster than the practice rounds, but that's expected. Yeah, they were pretty quick. They were pure. They're so good here.

Q. Talk about that putt on 5.
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, that was my -- that one made up for a lot of putts probably. That was probably a good six to eight feet by. I was just trying to pick my line. It broke three different ways. It was uphill, then it was downhill, and somehow it found the cup. It was one of those that was very fortuitous.
But I practiced it. I remember hitting that putt a lot in the practice rounds, not just this year, but in years previous, too. That's one that made up for a lot of opportunities that I let go.

Q. The birdie on the first hole, was that a good way to set the tone and welcome yourself back to competition here?
ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, that was good. Anytime you can get off to a good start at any major, especially at Augusta National, you know, you've got to take advantage of it. I hit two good shots and I had a makable putt of about 15 feet probably, and fortunately it went in.

Q. And then two straight birdies on Amen Corner?
ZACH JOHNSON: Oh, yeah, right. 12 was just a perfect number for me. It was playing about 150 into the wind. It was just a smooth 8-iron. I mean, it was one of those that if I hit it a little short, it's going to be fine; if I hit it a little bit long it's probably going to be okay, too. I had the right distance and it ended up about a foot from the hole.
And then 13, hit a mediocre drive but I turned it around the corner and had one of those very unusual lies at Augusta, decided to lay up. Got myself in a great yardage and put it down there to about 15 feet below the hole, which was all I was trying to do, regardless. I didn't care if I was 20 feet or four feet below the hole, I just wanted to stay below it, and I had a good read on it.

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