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April 9, 2008

Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer

Gary Player


Q. Still competitive or just for fun?
JACK NICKLAUS: We don't ever do anything for fun. We try to compete and beat each other. Once we hit it in the water a couple times and 3-putt a couple times then we started fooling around and that happened early in the round and it's happened early every year.

Q. Do you still want to win out here with these two?
ARNOLD PALMER: Absolutely. It would not be right if we didn't want to beat each other but it's nice to have the privilege of playing with these guys and trying to beat them.
GARY PLAYER: The appropriate thing is if we played together all over the world; we just didn't want to play in one country. We try to promote the game of golf around the world which I think we did significantly and we tried to beat each other.
But the most important thing is we've remained great friends. And to have great friends in your life is something you can count on one hand, and these two both go in my one hand.

Q. And to be in your 51st Masters, what does that mean to you to break this record?
GARY PLAYER: It's a thrill to not really break the record --
ARNOLD PALMER: Oh, yes it is!
GARY PLAYER: If I can influence some young guys to keep in shape, that's one of my great dreams in my life. Arnold has a hospital, Jack has a hospital, we all try to do something for the game and if I can influence a young man to stay in shape, I've done something.

Q. And to start this tournament, and to have that role, what does that mean to you?
ARNOLD PALMER: It's a privilege. It's something that's very nice. I think it's something that Jack and Gary should be doing in the next few years. (Laughter).

Q. It points out how terrific and great you were that when we talk about Tiger Woods, we talk about Jack Nicklaus and that record; as Tiger chases your record, it highlights you.
JACK NICKLAUS: You know, I think that it's actually good for me I suppose in many ways and very flattering that I am mentioned every time Tiger is mentioned. But you know, that young man is quite a player. He's a great player, whether he'll break my record or not, remains to be seen but when he does or if he does, you know, I want to be there to shake his hand, and it will be well done.

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