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April 9, 2008

Drew Weaver


Q. Just talk about the overall experience of playing in the par 3 tournament.
DREW WEAVER: It's great. It's one of the things that's a big tradition for the Masters and it's s very cool to be out there, tons of people and excitement and so it was a great day.

Q. Had you ever come to the event and seen the par 3 before?
DREW WEAVER: No, I had been to a couple practice rounds but not the Par 3.

Q. What were some things that you were anticipating or expecting and did it live up to that?
DREW WEAVER: Yeah, it definitely lived up. I expected, you know, there would be a ton of people out here and hit a good shot and you get a great roar so that's very exciting. It was definitely everything I thought it would be and more.

Q. Any practice rounds on the Par 3?
DREW WEAVER: I came over here and it was closed and didn't feel like playing the big course. It was good and helped out a little bit.

Q. Do you find it was a good tuneup for tomorrow?
DREW WEAVER: For sure. Reading the greens helps out, so it's good.

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