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April 1, 2008

Venus Williams


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Particularly considering that your sister won earlier, is this extra disappointing?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm always happy for Serena to win. It would have been obviously very exciting for me to win, too, but just didn't happen.

Q. Looked like the conditions were a little bit tough out there, Venus. I know you're very used to playing here but it looked like the balls were sailing and wind was swirling; was that a factor?
VENUS WILLIAMS: You know, it wasn't -- it can be worse here. I was actually pretty happy with the conditions.
I definitely don't blame any conditions on my loss.

Q. Can you talk about your performance tonight? You looked pretty frustrated out there obviously by the end.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, she played well. Just felt like I stepped slow and a little bit, little bit off. I just didn't have the answers today, and she played well.

Q. What was your coach's advice between sets?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I don't even remember now. Yeah, I don't know.

Q. Is it helpful, or does it make it more difficult?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I mean, it's helpful. I prefer to be on my own out there. I like the soloness of it all, if that's even a word.

Q. Did you talk to Serena after her match?
VENUS WILLIAMS: Yeah, I saw her. I told her, Good match. I was happy for her and proud of her, and she was playing the way she can play.

Q. Have you talked to her since yours?

Q. What did she say?
VENUS WILLIAMS: She just said I played well. I definitely feel like I did a lot of good things, but I just had some plays that weren't so good, and sometimes it makes a difference.

Q. How disappointing, not to get a chance to play her here again.
VENUS WILLIAMS: Well, I mean, when I play tournaments I want to win the tournaments, so it's not about who I get to play. It's about me getting the title, so that's my ultimate goal.

Q. Venus, where do you go from here? How are you approaching clay court?
VENUS WILLIAMS: I'm going to play Amelia Island and Charleston, so I have some tennis left in the U.S.

Q. What are you planning to play in Europe before France?

Q. Do you think you were pressing at all a bit out there, maybe because you knew there was a possibility of playing your sister?
VENUS WILLIAMS: No. No, I don't think I'm -- I was pressing. I play an aggressive game anyway. I think I had more winners. I think I had a very good first serve percentage, but I just -- I just made some plays at the wrong time, and that's just how it was. It was close.

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