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March 30, 2008

Peter Lonard


STEWART MOORE: Peter Lonard, our runner-up this year at the Zurich Classic. Thanks for spending some time with us. I know you had a long day out there. Let's get right to it. You played a lot of golf, got right in the mix coming down the stretch. That one bogey at 17 left you a shot shy. Just talk about the day.
PETER LONARD: It's a funny day just because like the numbers got posted so early. I suppose that's part of the draw and that. But I knew the number that we had to get to, and I couldn't get there. Well, I got there but didn't know what to do with it once I got there.
STEWART MOORE: In lieu of going through all the holes you played today, can we go through your birdies and bogeys in round 4 this afternoon?
PETER LONARD: Round 4. 1, hit a -- I have no idea what I hit in there but it was pretty good, hit it to 10 feet and holed it.
Hit it in the greenside trap on the par-5 2nd, got it up-and-down.
Missed a short one on the 3rd for a change, made bogey.
8th, I hit an 8-iron to about 15 feet, I suppose, and holed that.
10, hit it over the back with a sand wedge, actually one-putted for a bogey.
Hit a lob wedge to the next hole to about two feet, very happy.
13th hole, probably a 20-footer, 30-footer maybe.
16, drove it on the front edge, two-putted from about, who knows, 60 feet, 50 feet.
17, missed one from about four feet, just got caught up reading the putt.
STEWART MOORE: What was your club on 17?
PETER LONARD: I hit a 2-iron, tried to hit a 2-iron into the front right edge.

Q. You had been all day chasing, all afternoon chasing. When you finally caught him on 16, what did you feel at that point?
PETER LONARD: Well, I thought, now I've got to make a birdie on 18. Par 17, birdie 18, and happy days. But obviously I didn't do myself too much damage with the tee shot because on 17 I probably should have chipped it a little bit closer. I misjudged how fast it was going to be down that hill. Obviously I should have hit my first putt a little firmer than I did.

Q. What's it like being two and a half, nearly three hours behind, knowing the score you had to catch? What's it like knowing that you've got to do that?
PETER LONARD: It was all right. You know --

Q. Would you rather know it than not know it?
PETER LONARD: I think in a perfect world you'd rather come down the stretch together, but I think if there's ever a chance that you're going to actually shoot the score -- if they give you three hours' notice you probably should be able to if you're good enough.

Q. Did the extra play today affect you?
PETER LONARD: No, no, I'm 40 going on 20 (laughter). I can go another 18 if someone will open the course for a bit longer.

Q. Do you think it helped Andres playing earlier today when maybe the conditions were riper for scoring or not?
PETER LONARD: No, I think the conditions were pretty much similar all day. I think there was definitely -- not an advantage, but I'm sure the guys that went out early were definitely thinking, if we can post a score and get ahead of these guys with the rest of the afternoon to play -- I'm sure that's what they were thinking because that's the way I would have been thinking.

Q. Did you talk about 18? Did you tell us about 18, too?
PETER LONARD: 18, I hit it in the beautiful bunker that I've spent half the week in, and then I wedged it out and had about 198 yards to the pin, and I hit a 5-iron about pin high, about 40 feet left, 50 feet left, and two-putted.

Q. Your putt on 17, did you feel like -- sometimes you hit it and you're like, oh, I left it short.
PETER LONARD: At the time I didn't really think about it. I just sort of thought -- routine, I thought it was -- I wasn't too sure whether it was going to go left to right or whether it was straight, and I got so caught up in hitting in on-line I obviously didn't hit it hard enough. I thought it was a little down-grain, as well, so I thought it was going to roll out, so my bad.

Q. Do you know much about Andres? Have you ever played with him? Have you seen his game much at all?
PETER LONARD: No. I watched that Open Championship. He had an awesome chance to win. He got seriously unlucky. And some of the clubs he was hitting, I'm quite glad I didn't have to come down 18 against him. I think he hits it about 100 past me. Would have made me look bad (laughter).

Q. 17, you were hoping for maybe a birdie, par at worst, but did you think with 18 being a birdie hole that you still had that to fall back on?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, I basically got on 17 and I thought, well, you've got to make a par. It's a pretty tough birdie hole but you've got to make a par. If you make par down 17 you're in a great chance of making a birdie on 18. The tees were forward so if you could get it past that bunker you could definitely get home in two. I would have probably hit a 3-wood and taken that trap out of play.

Q. Is that the competitive nature in you going out --
PETER LONARD: I don't get a lot of chances of winning, so I'd better not mess around when I have an opportunity so I'd better have a go. If I have a go and not win, I think I'd feel far better than panting it around all day.

Q. Is the Masters on your radar screen?
PETER LONARD: No, it'll probably be on my TV screen while I'll drinking beer or something. Unless I win next week.

Q. Was that a thought at any time this week?
PETER LONARD: Well, I've never made a cut at Augusta, so it doesn't really worry me whether I'm going or not (laughter). But I would like another go before I die (laughter).
STEWART MOORE: Peter, thanks for being a class act. Appreciate you coming in.

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