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March 27, 2008

Peter Lonard


DOUG MILNE: We'd like to welcome Peter Lonard into the media center. Nice 5-under par, bogey-free 67 today. Looks like you'll be one shot back off the lead here at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans. We commented outside that a good part of your round was you were dealing with the heaviest of the winds, which really demanded a lot of control. Just some general opening comments.
PETER LONARD: I think the course is probably a little easier than it was yesterday because it was softer. I played yesterday in the Pro-Am and the greens were like absolutely cement. You have a pretty tough wind and it makes the course pretty difficult. That made it a little easier.
But this course you've got to hit it on the fairways. Even though the greens were a little softer, they'll still take a bounce and you've got it hit it off the fairways to stop them on the greens.
That was probably the best part of my game. I drove it on the fairway all day and gave myself a lot of opportunities.
DOUG MILNE: Same game plan going into tomorrow?
PETER LONARD: Yes, same game plan I've had for the last 20 years. I just haven't been able to do it, unfortunately. We'll go and do it again, hit them on the fairways and hit them on the greens and hole a few putts.

Q. Harbour Town and now, what do you like about the Pete Dye courses?
PETER LONARD: I think the things that stick out to me is the greens are smaller and usually a little firmer so you can -- you've got to hit the ball in the right spots. I'm a reasonably good iron player. I'm not a great long driver or anything like that, and I'm not great at putting.
But as far as maneuvering the ball left to right or right to left and getting it around the course, I'm pretty good at it, and I think that pretty much suits my game around these sort of courses.

Q. It suits your eye?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, those and Nicklaus courses, as well. I really like Nicklaus courses because they seem to always set up a little left to right and I like to hit it left to right. As long as it's not too ridiculously long and the rough isn't too ridiculously high, I can usually get it near the greens and get it around.

Q. This course is not particularly long and the rough is not particularly --
PETER LONARD: It plays a little longer than I would have normally played well at, I think, but there's a few fairways that get pretty firm and you can get some good bounces or get at least some length out of the drives. It maybe plays a little shorter once it dries out. I wouldn't like to play this course real soaking wet, but when it's dry, it's good. I think it's just a good test.

Q. Do you think that the greens need some water tonight? Were they getting close to being too dry for you?
PETER LONARD: No, they were really good today, I thought. I thought yesterday -- if you asked me that question yesterday, I thought they were getting pretty hard. I thought they were more than reasonable for later in the day, and I'm sure tomorrow they'll be a little softer early in the morning and get a little harder late in the day again, so I think it's pretty fair.

Q. Did you think the wind was going to blow a little more this afternoon, based on the morning?
PETER LONARD: I didn't really have any preconceived ideas of what it was like. I thought it was pretty much the same from the time I hit off until about five or six holes to go, and then it seemed to die a bit.

Q. Was there a shot today or a hole today that got you in synch? Would you say that --
PETER LONARD: No, I think I hit a lot of greens and a lot of reasonable shots. I holed a nice putt on the 18th, which was pretty good. The pin was at the front, and I left one of those yardages where I wasn't -- it was sort of an in-between yardage and I sort of landed it pin high and it bounced 20 feet past, 30 feet past and I holed it. That was probably a nice way to walk onto the first tee.
DOUG MILNE: You talked about 18. If you wouldn't mind just running us through your other four birdies and give us some clubs.
PETER LONARD: First I punched a little 6-iron in to about 15 feet and holed that.
The 3rd, I hit a 2-iron to about ten feet and holed that.
The 5th, hit a sand wedge to about I'll say eight feet, holed that.
15th, hit a 6-iron to about 15 feet, holed that.
And 20 to 30 feet on 18, depending upon who you ask (laughter).
DOUG MILNE: Peter, thanks for coming in. Appreciate your time. Best of luck tomorrow.

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