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March 27, 2008

Robert Gamez


Q. You gave your regular caddie away and made other arrangements. You Monday qualified to get into this. Young man, I accuse you to trying to get back-doored into The Masters. What's going on?
ROBERT GAMEZ: I'm playing well, and it was disappointing not getting an exemption this week because I'm playing so well. I understand. Zurich is a worldwide company, and they gave a couple to foreign players. It's one of those deals.
But yeah, I made it through on Monday. I had a plan from a long time ago. A buddy of mine caddied for me last year in Mexico and he was going to caddie this year but he couldn't make it, so Mark, my normal guy, got the job, so we switched for this week. As of Sunday I wasn't even in the tournament, so it worked out for Mark because he's working for Billy Mayfair this week.

Q. The double bogey on 6, and then you got it going on the back nine until 18, your second shot drifted left. Now you're left of the bunker with water on the other side, and below your feet a little?
ROBERT GAMEZ: Well, I actually hit the second shot on the line I wanted. I wasn't going to mess with the pin at all, I just wanted to get it in the bunker. Six more inches and I have a shot. I was this far from the back edge of the bunker, and just trying to get it somewhere up in front.
I got it where I thought I would be able to get up-and-down, I just didn't. I misread the putt on the last one. I was planning on it going a little bit right and it didn't, it went left. I read it inside left edge, and it actually broke left.
I played well. It's the first tournament in almost six years that I used a short putter. I've been using a belly putter for almost six years. I used it on Monday in the qualifier. I just haven't been making very many putts, and I just brought out a short one and I got a little feel today and rolled it really well.
The double, I had a three-putt, but things were a little bit slower than the practice green, and I didn't get a practice round this week. I did a Pro-Am on Tuesday for Harrah's and Wednesday obviously wasn't in the Pro-Am, so I just came out here and practiced.

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