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March 24, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. How was it to see the ball go in the hole for you again?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, I'm pleased with the way I played all week, especially the last two days, 12-under par, all those delays, and going back out, coming in. It was nice to get the ball in the hole well. I'm not sure my mechanics were that much better, but I scored well, knocked in some putts again, and it was fun, but it's disappointing. It's tough getting so close. And then you have a little bit worse feeling in your stomach finishing second than you do when you finished fifth or eighth or ninth when you're not so close. I was disappointed in that, but it was good to see my game turn around.
Really, today I just got off to a slow start with the putter. I hit really good putts at 11 and 12 that didn't go in, missed about a 15-footer for birdie, and then I had a 10-footer for par at 14 that went in the hole and shot back out at me.
I got a couple putts going in early, and I finished strong, but it just wasn't enough.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: I've had a couple good years to think about it. I was in a playoff with Scott where we had to come back Monday morning. Yeah, I fired a real low number, I think 30 on the back nine against Franklin. That would have been nice, but I settled for 35 today.
I felt like I needed to go out and make three good birdies today. Two birdies would have helped, but it was close. It was a good run.

Q. A couple of tough stances, tough lies around fairway bunkers --
JIM FURYK: I didn't do a good job -- I played eight holes and I got five good looks at birdie, knocked a couple of them in, and I had three errant tee shots. I missed the 14th fairway just a couple yards left and I had to stand in the bunker with the ball way above my feet. It was kind of a bad break. I wish it would have kicked in the bunker. I hit a bad drive at 16 and a bad drive at 18 that I managed to make pars out of.
Today I hit -- basically I hit three poor golf shots and I didn't really get away with much of them for the lies.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: I never did. I had a regular putter when I played Colin. I have years ago. It was about five, six, seven years ago, but no, I have not. I pretty much have teed it up with the same putter since Sony. You've seen a few in my hand, but I have teed it up with the same putter since Match Play.

Q. What's your schedule from now until you arrive at Augusta?
JIM FURYK: I'm playing New Orleans this week, and then I'll take a week off and I'll be at home and kind of prep as I usually do.

Q. What's your preparation for Augusta? Do you practice anything different; and if so, what?
JIM FURYK: I think I really focus on my short game and really focus -- the big difference is focusing on trying to hit some shots around the green off of really -- trying to find places that have really tight lies and kind of practice with a wedge in your hand. I do a lot of that even at Augusta, just hitting some bump and runs and some shots that we really don't see in a lot of other places on TOUR.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: I actually was up there with some friends a couple weeks ago, a couple Mondays ago. It looked great. It looked great. It was kind of damp and windy and playing long and not the same as we'll see in the tournament obviously, but you're always wondering how the spring, the overseed and how thick and full it'll be. It's probably in as good a shape as I've ever seen it, or it was then.

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