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March 23, 2008

Graeme Storm


Q. Good position?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I mean, obviously great timing so far, a bit frustrating to keep going on and off the golf course, but I kept my composure. I was a bit nervous at the beginning. I hit it left off the tee. I was nervous, to be honest really, and just hit it straight left. Recovered pretty good and birdied the next, which is a bit of a settle, really, calmed me down a little bit. Obviously couldn't have gone anywhere, coming back in and going back out, coming back in and going back out, and the wind switched terribly on No. 3 to right into the wind. I hit my tee shot in the right rough and nearly made 3. After that I played quite nicely, just missed a couple of chances.

Q. (Inaudible.)
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I think it's that type of golf course. If you start to get settled down as quick as you can, you can get a score going, you know what I mean? Because obviously the greens are running great, so chances of that -- just disappointed that we didn't get finished today because obviously it's a bit of a smelly place to be going back to. I'm in the middle of the fairway, but I'm a bit too far back to reach it. Hopefully if the wind goes down on that hole and pumps quite hard I'll have a chance to knock it on.

Q. Was it nervousness on the first tee there?
GRAEME STORM: It was a bit of everything, to be honest with you. It's such a big event. The last group is the best position I've ever been in such a high-profile event. Obviously playing with Vijay and people like that who bomb it miles, you know, and to be fair, they both hit before me and hit poor tee shots. I just fed off them, I suppose really, and did the same thing.
Yeah, I was disappointed walking off the tee, but I thought, well, if I get a break, which I did, and I made 5, nearly made 4, so quite happy to come off the hole with a 4.

Q. Comfortable thoughts turning into winning?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, the winning thoughts have been going on out there while I'm playing because I've been playing well. The swing doesn't feel fantastic, but it's holding up at the moment. Obviously I'm getting a chance to do a few things on the range before I play again tomorrow, so I'll just try and settle into it in the morning as quick as possible.

Q. Do you attack it or do you just --
GRAEME STORM: To be honest, I've got to really see what the next three holes throw. Obviously 13 and 14 are quite smelly, and obviously there's 17 and 18. So it's just -- if I can hang in there as close as possible with the stretch that is here, depending on what wind direction it is, there's any sort of possibilities.

Q. What are you doing tonight?
GRAEME STORM: Nothing, absolutely nothing. I just want to go to bed.
You know, it was a lot easier off the last tee because it went 300 yards and it was pumping downwind.

Q. It's been kind of a whirlwind for you the last three days, the last group and then everything you had to deal with today?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I mean, this is the third time where -- I'm not sure, anything par or worse, I've been under par every round I've played. The last 11 rounds I've shot under par. So just continuing decent form, really. I've got to build on that, to be honest, and do as much as I can, find all the positives from it and just try and build on it. We'll see what happens tomorrow.
I can try and shoot 4-, maybe 5-under on the back nine and give myself some chances. If I don't win, I don't win, but that would be what I need to go out with tomorrow. There's chances out there, just hope the wind doesn't blow too hard.

Q. Were you aware of Vijay wanting to stop and not try to get an extra hole in?
GRAEME STORM: It didn't really bother me, to be honest. I could have carried on. But look at it now, we would have been just going to the green if we were still waiting there, so it probably was the right decision.

Q. Was there a hurricane warning today or was it just simple stuff you had to wait around for?
GRAEME STORM: No, we just kept waiting. I don't know how much rain was around, to be fair. But I think we were just taking precaution and getting us in. It was just a shame that maybe they brought us in too early the first time, and then the second time they listened to what the weatherman says, and he's the one with all the equipment that tells us what's happening.

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