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March 22, 2008

LaSharee Christian

Denise Taylor

Erica Trahan


COACH TAYLOR: Well, first of all, I'd like to congratulate LSU and Coach Chancellor for winning the game today. We played a great basketball team, and I thought for our team, our young ladies, we had a game plan but we didn't execute our game plan, so I have to give LSU credit. They talked about their sticky defense and that's what they did tonight. They disrupted our offense and didn't allow us to execute our offense.
But I'm so proud of these young ladies that they competed till the end.

Q. LaSharee, could you sum up the season a little bit?
LaSHAREE CHRISTIAN: We had a great season. I mean, we had our highs, we had our lows. We made -- we won our conference championship tournament, which was one of our main goals from the getgo. We competed all season and never gave up, kept our heads high. And again, this was a good experience. So as far as our season went, I think it went great. We stuck together as a team, we grew together and made friendships. That's all you can ask for, isn't it?

Q. Erica, could you talk a little bit about trying to get things going inside offensively?
ERICA TRAHAN: Yes. All I know is my shot wasn't falling. I was rushing it instead of reversing the ball, and I was trying to get going but I couldn't. LaSharee is a great player, and her presence made me adjust my shot, but I just never could get the shot to fall. But once again, you have these nights that your shot don't fall, and you have to go to something else that can help the team out. And that's what I tried to do.

Q. You talk about your team having a game plan when you came into the game tonight. How did you want to attack LSU defensively and stop them defensively and how did you want to attack them offensively?
LaSHAREE CHRISTIAN: Defensively we were just trying to limit the touches. They're a great basketball team. You're not going to stop them altogether, but we were just trying to limit some of the touches to some of the leading scorers. We figured if we did that we could stay in this game, so that was one of the game plans.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you. You ladies are excused. We appreciate your participation in the post-game press conference. Coach, it's your turn now. Any questions for Coach Taylor from the media?

Q. If you could address the same thing about the offense, about the game plan.
COACH TAYLOR: Well, that game plan was to sag in and try to limit Sylvia's touches and also Chaney's, the two main scorers, so we played a match-up and tried to sag in and double-down on her and limit her touches.
Offensively we wanted to spread the floor, and whoever she was guarding, try to pull her out, so we ran a four-up set, but their defense kind of disrupted us at the point of opposition, so we were just kind of out of synch offensively. But that was the strategy, to limit her touches and of course to contain Chaney.

Q. At some point Jackson State is going to win an NCAA Tournament game. How hard is it to break through? It's a great challenge. If you go back through the tournament book and look at the match-ups, they're tough draws. How hard is it to, I guess, break through and to get the respect to break through and maybe get a little bit better draw?
COACH TAYLOR: Well, great players make great programs, so it starts there. You've got to keep recruiting and get one or two great players that can really change your season. I agree with you that it's going to happen. If you look on the men's side, they're closing that gap, and I'm hoping one day that it happens on the women's side.
But it is a challenge, and we also talked with the girls about believing and coming out. It's a 40-minute game, and on any given night anybody can win. But I think you just have to keep working and of course winners make programs, so you've got to keep recruiting and hope that the administration keeps giving you more resources in order to go out and get those players.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much. You had a wonderful season. Best wishes to you and your student athletes next year.

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