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March 22, 2008

Ian Poulter


Q. We saw you out there, and there seemed to be an issue over your putter and then we see you putting with a wedge. Can you tell us what happened?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I think I might have to putt with a wedge a bit more often after rolling it straight in the middle from about 20 feet on the last and made another birdie coming in.
It's one of those things, I was walking from 14 to 15 tee, walking as I normally would do, dropped my putter on the path, probably a little bit of frustration. It wasn't as if I had smashed the putter on the ground, and the weight on the back come loose. So therefore the characteristics of the putter have obviously changed. I was talking to Andy, and in my view the face angle hadn't changed, the shaft isn't bent, it's still in its current form, but under the rules it's deemed to be taken out of play. So I had to putt with my wedge.

Q. Was there a debate between you and Andy because normally it's taken out of play if you've done it intentionally, but if you've done it in the general course of play --
IAN POULTER: Yeah, I mean, well, if you look at it, I had obviously missed a putt from about eight feet on the previous green, so some people will say it's done in frustration, some people won't. The fact is the weight is moved on the back. It's strange that it moved with such a light tap, to be honest. I guess concrete and metal don't really mix too well. One of those things, I have got a spare in the room.

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