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August 11, 2005

Trevor Immelman


JULIUS MASON: Trevor Immelman, ladies and gentlemen, joining us after the first round at the 87th PGA Championship. He's at 3 under for the championship. This is Trevor's third PGA Championship.

Trevor, some opening comments and we'll go over your card and we'll go to Q & A, please.

TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, what do you want me to start with?

JULIUS MASON: Before we go there, let's start with your card. Let's talk about the birdies and bogeys. We'll start on the front nine.

TREVOR IMMELMAN: The 8th hole, I hit a nice drive down the middle of the fairway and that's kind of the key to that hole. I had a little wedge in there to six or seven feet and holed that putt.

The 10th hole was my first hole, I hit a driver and an 8 iron to about four feet, so that was a nice way to get started.

Then 11, drove it in the rough off the tee and it was a bit of a struggle from there.

12, I hit a 4 iron to about 12 feet and made that one.

18, I drove it in the rough and kind of hacked it out, and then hit a sand wedge to about 15 feet and holed that one.

All in all, it was a pretty solid day for me. My putter really kept me in it, and I enjoyed it out there.

Q. Since you're the first one we've seen in here, tell us about how the course is playing and where are the trouble spots, where are the good spots?

TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, I think this golf course is very well balanced. I don't think any hole that really sticks out as being tougher than any other hole, there's just 18 really strong ones out there.

I think this morning as the round was going on, you could see the course starting to change. It's really starting to get firmer and you're starting to get some run on the fairways. There's a few greens that they're starting to water in between groups to make sure they don't get out of control.

When we got here on Monday and Tuesday, you could just fly the ball straight at the flag and not have to worry about anything going through, but you're really starting to have to think now of how the ball is going to release once it hits the green.

Q. Can you tell us how many fairways you hit and how many you missed?

TREVOR IMMELMAN: I haven't really thought about it. I missed I actually got some good breaks in the rough today. I probably missed maybe four fairways out there, and every time I could somewhere advance it on the green or near the green and then I kind of hung in there from there.

Like I said, I holed some nice five or six footers for par to just keep my round going.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your comfort level now at the big events? You've gotten yourself into contention now and just are continually making a progression.

TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, I think I'm starting to get a few majors under my belt, so to speak, and I've had some experience. You know, I think finishing 5th in the Masters was a huge boost for me, to play in the second to last group on Sunday and somewhat hang in there. You know, that was a nice feeling.

And then at the Open I played really well for most of the week and finished 15th. So, you know, I guess those two finishes have started giving me some confidence, and this is my third PGA, so I kind of know what to expect coming over here. I think it's just all experience, you know, just helping me through these big events now, starting to, like I said, get a few under my belt and know what to expect.

Q. Surprised the scores aren't a little lower? It looked like fairly benign conditions, at least in terms of wind and weather and all that type of thing.

TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yeah, the scoring conditions are perfect, but it just goes to show, like I said when I started there are 18 really strong holes on this golf course, and any one of them could bite you at any time. I just think it's a credit to the golf course.

Like I said, we probably had it as good as what it's going to be all week, because from now on it's going to start getting firmer and firmer and it's going to become more of a challenge. You know, I think it's going to get pretty demanding later on in the week.

JULIUS MASON: Trevor, thanks for coming down.

TREVOR IMMELMAN: Thank you very much.

End of FastScripts.

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