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March 20, 2008

Mark Calcavecchia


Q. A couple comments about the round.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Well, I don't know if it played like the first three days because I wasn't here. I know it was windier than hell in Palm Beach Gardens where I was playing up there. But it's still pretty windy.
I hit 3-wood into two par-3s today, and there's some tough holes into the wind. But it actually switched a little bit since when we teed off, more out of the -- I don't know, west, I guess, than it was when we started.
There's some short par-4s that are birdiable, obviously. 16 and 17, you can drive it almost on 16 and a little chip into 17. So there's plenty of birdie holes out there. But 4-under, I'm happy with that start.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Well, it's straight downwind. It'll never play any easier. I was just trying to hit a high fade. I didn't drive it good today. I did duck hook a few, including the one on 14 that I hit 60 yards left into a creek that I didn't know was over there, to tell you the truth.
Then 18 I was going for the high bomb fade and I hung back and flipped it a little bit.
My lie was bad, but I could have easily gotten over the water but that giant tree was in my way. I just chipped it out -- actually didn't want to chip it that close to the green. I caught a flier on my chip-out, which is hard to do. It rolled 100 yards and I was trying to hit it about 60. But I hit a nice shot in there from 63 yards and made about a nice six-, seven-footer, so that was a nice way to end.

Q. You didn't practice here, either, did you?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: No, my 27th year. I think I've got a grip on the course. It hasn't changed in 27 years, so I wasn't expecting anything shocking.

Q. Your history on this course, is it a good history, or how do you feel about it?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, I've always enjoyed playing here. I've had a lot of fun here. I've had a few good chances to win. I bogeyed 18, hit a bad drive -- actually I bogeyed 17 and 18 the year Norman won in the playoff, I think, '91, when we had that four-way playoff. So I probably should have won that one.
But I've had good tournaments and I've missed the cut by a mile, too. I've made anywhere from 3 to 9 on 18. So a lot of good memories, but a few bad ones, as well.

Q. Foot okay?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: No, it hurts. I think I may have a stress fracture, I'm not sure. It's the same thing my wife had, and it's underneath the ball of my second toe. And just when I bend it and touch under there, it hurts. It started bothering me at the Honda, and it's pretty painful. But I just get around on it. Actually Jim Weathers is going to check me out in a little bit. He mentioned that it had something to do with my heart. You know Jim. I said, "Well, I don't know if that's good news. Am I going to have a heart attack?"

Q. He's checking your heart?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah, he says it's got something to do with your heart. And it kind of creeps up into my knee. I wore this knee brace today. But I think it has to do with walking goofy on my foot. It hurts like hell. Pulling back on it is okay. When I pull down on it, that's what hurts.

Q. Don't do that.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: You know, I really haven't thought of it. It would have been nice to have one or two for sure, but I've got a few tries left in me, so I would love to get one for sure. You know, I've had good success at the Honda and it was nice winning the PODS last year and nearly won the TPC a couple times that year. Jodie Mudd birdied 17. We were tied going into that hole.
Anyway, I love playing in Florida, bottom line. Florida and Arizona, those are my two favorite spots.

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