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March 19, 2008

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was your thought process after you failed to serve it out at 5-3? How did you get your head around it?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Nothing. I just say to myself, You have to do the best for win this game and that's it.

Q. The other day Rafa said that the first time you beat him, it wasn't so much about your game but he didn't play good that day. What do you think about that?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: I don't know, but today if I played like the last time I won in two sets for sure. Today it was more difficult for me because my game in the back was not very good, backhand, it was very difficult to play and that's it. But maybe if he says that, he's right. I don't know.

Q. You had a very good chance to serve the match out at 5-3 and maybe didn't play your best game. Can you talk about that?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yes, my serve was not very good in the third set, and I tried to hit the ball more and more, and maybe it was the wrong way. For me, it is more maybe easy to change to various, and I didn't do that, so...

Q. You were ahead 5-2 in the set. Talk about how the last 5 games, how it got away from you.
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: For me it was difficult, because he serve well at 5-2, so 5-3, and then he broke me, and then he serve well again, and after, it was tough because he was in the good way, in the good state of mind, so it was difficult for me.
I lost.

Q. How important was this match in your own mind in terms of what you've done this year and a chance to play again now and show you could do it again? Was it a very important match for you?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, it was a very important match for me, because I would like to show everybody it's not -- my run in Australian Open is not lucky, it's not -- yeah, it's not lucky.
I want to prove everybody I can play at this level, so yeah, I'm disappointed about this.

Q. How hard is it to -- he takes so much time between points. How hard is it for you to wait and wait and wait for him to play?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yes, I know, but I don't know. The umpire is here to make his job, and he put one call at the first set and then nothing. I don't know. Maybe you have to ask the umpire.

Q. But does it bother you?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: About the time?

Q. Yeah.
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Sometimes, yes, of course. Because when you play Rafa or Novak, it's difficult when they put like 25 times the ball on the ground. You are like this. You never know when he's going to serve.
Yeah, it's tough, but it's the game and there is umpire here for respect the rule. That's it. So I have nothing to say about it. I just have to play.

Q. You haven't played many matches since Australia, so was that a factor at all today?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yes, maybe. Maybe a little bit. But -- yeah, maybe. I don't know. Nobody knows.

Q. Did you feel in the pressure moments that you were there or were you a little bit lost?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, maybe a little bit lost on important points. Yes, but it's okay. I have tournament next week and I will do the job.

Q. Did you think that he played more aggressive against you today than he did in Australia?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: I really don't know, because it was not exactly the same Jo on the court so I really don't know.

Q. Was the court slower here?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yeah, it's slower.

Q. Australia didn't give you chances to come in.
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yes, of course it's a bit slower, so it's more easy for him to keep the ball and to leave me in the back. Yeah, it's an advantage for him.

Q. When you were speaking to the umpire in the third set, was that about Rafa's taking too much time or was it a line call?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: No, it was about the time, yeah.

Q. And then you think maybe -- you went up to him two times. Did you lose your concentration a little bit then?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: No, no. I don't think so.

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about the Davis Cup tie coming up against the United States and how you feel France's chances are?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: I don't know for the moment. I know I have a lot of chance to play against United States, and me and Richard played well in this tournament. We're in the good way, so we are excited to play the Davis Cup.

Q. Did you think the United States is the favorite or you think it's even?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: They're favorites because they are -- they have the best ranking, but like I said before, we are in the good way with Richard, so we will see.

Q. Did you hear what Andy said about the Davis Cup earlier this week?

Q. He said that he heard that you said that the United States had to fear them, and Andy basically said that they're not going to be afraid of you and you still have to work to get on the team.
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yes. We are not bad players, so maybe it's going to be more difficult than they think.

Q. The Frenchman had a good win in Las Vegas last week. Do you think that will help your confidence and be a factor?
JO-WILFRIED TSONGA: Yes, of course. Of course. More you have good player, more you help the team.

Q. Have you ever been to North Carolina in the United States?

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