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March 19, 2008

Roger Federer


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Why did you sing, Roger?
ROGER FEDERER: I wasn't asked. I can do it now (laughter.)

Q. How was the cake? Did you eat any?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, just had some downstairs. It was nice. He was nice enough to serve it to me.

Q. How did your comfort level compare today from the previous round?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, it was quite different in terms of conditions. Definitely wasn't flying out there as much. I was definitely slower tonight, you know, than during the day.
And but again, I felt good. You know, I really felt good. I really thought I moved extremely well. Came up with some great plays at the right time. He's a tough player. You know, to break three times is a great effort, I think.

Q. You looked like you were in complete cruise control at 3-Love in the second set, and then you went through a bit of a bumpy patch. Can you talk about that?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, it isn't really stuff I want to talk about, but I can do it, of course. It's -- I thought he played a good game, first of all, to break me. He his the one scream across court that just clipped the line. So that was a bad start.
But I think I served three great serves, you know, to really actually get the ball into play, and every time he returned it back. Just, you know, made me work really hard. It was sort of uphill against a wind, so it was a bit more difficult for me from the baseline.
It kind of was two good serves, but then he was too tough. But after that I had some more chances, you know, but you can't break him every time with that great serve he has. And maybe didn't play my best on a couple of the break points, you know. I think both of them that I challenged I just missed by a little bit.
It was a bit unfortunate, but I think he hung in there quite well. It just shows how quickly a match can turn around. I was just happy actually to serve it out pretty well.

Q. How are you feeling physically compared to earlier in the year? Are you 100 percent healthy now?
ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I mean, I feel like I'm moving well. I'm jumpy out there. I feel like I'm quick, good reaction, especially on the return. He really had trouble acing me today. Guy with that big of a serve, you know, to get it back so consistently like I did tonight, it was sort of old times, you know.
I felt like nothing could get past me, and this is exactly how I want to feel this week.

Q. In the next round you have Tommy, but was there a another part of you that was hoping to get another shot at Andy?
ROGER FEDERER: Not really. To me it doesn't matter to me who I play. To play Tommy, we've had some good battles in the past years, and we're good friends off the court. We go way back to 2000 when we played at the Olympic Games. We've always had nice matches, and he totally deserves to be where he is.
He beat Roddick and Murray on the way. He's in great shape. I'm happy to see him playing well again after his injury. That can be tricky. I think it's the third on his shoulder. It's nice to see him back and playing well.

Q. Question about Dubai. I mean, what's your interest in that part of the world just personally and businesswise? You know, why are you there?
ROGER FEDERER: Umm, sort of came along just like that, you know. Went on vacation the first time after my second Wimbledon win for a week, and sort of really enjoyed it there. I remember once I went to practice for the first time when I played with Tony Roche, you know, sort of undercover. I did it back in Dubai after the Bangkok tournament.
Just sort of felt like this is great heat here to practice and sort of went back for a vacation also a couple times, and thought, Well, this is good time. It's winter in Switzerland and it's summer in Dubai. Still, it's warm enough to practice, and this is why I built up sort of a camp or a base over there.
It's been like this for the last couple of years now and it's worked well for me, and it's really just for practice and vacational (sic) reasons, really.

Q. It's a part of the world that's booming sportswise. A lot of things going on and investment dollars going in there. Do you have business interests in that part of the world?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, it is interesting when you spend time over there you get sucked into it. You hear so many things. Everybody's so positive in terms of, you know, everything's possible, you know. Nothing is impossible. That's sort of a nice way of thinking, you know.
They're building at an incredible pace, and they believe in the region, you know, and you can't help but being intrigued by the vision of the people over there.
That's why I'm always open, you know, to hearing around, listen around, and so many things going on, many projects, you know, towers going up. It's just interesting. I'll definitely keeping my ears open.

Q. On the other side of things, Roger, what are the qualities of your Swiss heritage, and how do you think it helps you as a tennis player out there in navigating your position slightly?
ROGER FEDERER: I don't know. I mean, I don't even know what it is. Is it Swiss or South African? What is it? Is it hard work?
I've always been a leader, you know, in -- if it was school or in sports or whatever, I always wanted to be the best, and I loved leading a team, you know, when I was in a team sport.
So I don't know if it's got much to do with where I come from, really. I had great upbringing. My parents were fantastic, and Switzerland gave me all the possibilities. The federation was really nice to me and, you know, they paid for a lot of things.
I had the best coaches along the way, and I was just really fortunate. Thank God I realized at the right time, went to start to work hard and never stopped believing that I could become, not only great tennis player, but become the best, because I think that is also the difference.
For me, No. 100 in the world wasn't enough. I always wanted to be better than that and to be the best and could become not only in the juniors but also the senior level. It was a great feeling, and I'm very proud of my achievements.

Q. Speaking of your country, are you planning on playing the Olympics this year and the Davis Cup in the future?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, yeah. Davis Cup is a big goal for me, always said that. So, yeah, I'll be there, and I'm very proud to represent Switzerland.

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