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March 17, 2008

Marion Bartoli


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How did you feel about the match?
MARION BARTOLI: Well, I was feeling good until 6-3, 5-1. Afterwards, I guess a one-hour match was too quick for me, and I stayed a bit longer on the court to practice. You know, it's -- sometimes it happens. Even if you try to close out in the match it's not happening. She has some luck on a few shots. She make a dropshot that she will never make on another match point. It happens.
You have to try to finish out in two sets, what I did. And even it was going to three set, I still have my chance, of course, to win, so I was not too worried about it.

Q. How were the conditions out there? Is it difficult in the wind?
MARION BARTOLI: Well, it's tough, because, you know, I'm a little sick in the beginning of the week. I have a little allergy to some pollens, and with the wind it's not helping me. So, you know, I'm -- you know, unfortunate I'm not 100%, so it's hard to deal with it.
So I guess I was the better player on court today, and I try to figure out, to play more inside the court and go to the net a little bit more. I was sometimes taking the ball too late and making her coming back to the rallies and hit some more shots and more shots and more shots. I have to carry it out sometimes and go to the net and just try to close out the match.
You know, the conditions out there are a bit windy, sunny, but it's for both players. We have to just try our best and play the best as possible.

Q. What is your decision about not playing the Olympics?
MARION BARTOLI: Well, it has been a situation where it was really hard for me to integrate the Fed Cup team, and with the situation after Wimbledon when I was in the final, first Slam, and I didn't play against Italy, and we didn't find a situation where it's possible for me to integrate the team.
So if I'm not playing the Fed Cup I can't play the Olympics. It's simple as that.

Q. So if you were playing on Fed Cup -- do you want to play the Olympics, or you don't care or...
MARION BARTOLI: I don't care about this one much, because I have to play back to back the French and Wimbledon, and then going to Montreal and Beijing and then come back to US Open and go to Tokyo again is really too much traveling. I could not afford this kind of schedule, so I have to make some choice. The choice right now is to concentrate on WTA tour, which is most important for me, to get my ranking up to play the Sony Ericsson Championship at the end of the year.
And the Olympics is not really helping me on my schedule. You know, if I want to concentrate on the US Open, I cannot travel to Beijing and come back to the States. It's really too much traveling.
What I really want to play is to play Wimbledon 2012, and I would really commit myself to play this Olympics. I would find the solution, I am sure, with the French Federation.

Q. With the calendar so packed as it is already, I mean, do you think that...
MARION BARTOLI: Yeah, it's really hard to integrate this kind of competition into the calendar, but some players might decide the Olympics is most important as everything in the world, even as a Grand Slam, so they really want to play the Olympics and go for a medal, and this is respectful.
But some other players just deciding Grand Slam is more important, so it's just depending where is your goal. But you have to set some goals. Early on in my career I prefer to play on the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. Maybe later I will play for my country and the Fed Cup and Olympics and this kind of stuff.

Q. You had a lot of trouble closing out the match. Is that a confidence issue?
MARION BARTOLI: Not really. It's always difficult to close out a match, no matter if you're confident or not. It depends how the other player is reacting to the situation, how you're reacting and you're playing. There is a lot of issue for closing out the match.
But it's not -- it's not really about my confidence, it's just about my game. I make some bad choices in some bad moments and it just turn around. But I've beat her in two sets, which is not too bad.

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