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March 15, 2008

Vijay Singh


Q. A lot of little things happening out there?
VIJAY SINGH: I hit a loose shot on No. 6. I may have been too aggressive on the line and I should have taken it more right and played for a lay-up. But I was driving the ball really well.
And the wind was strong, too. It was probably the strongest part of the day where the wind was, those five, six, seven and eight.

Q. Talk about the mentality with the scoring.
VIJAY SINGH: Well, as I say, it wasn't Sunday. It's still Saturday and I have 18 holes to go tomorrow, and I'm playing good enough, otherwise I wouldn't be in that situation. So you know, I just believed in my swing and just kept going. Just played the hole every time and tried to get it back slowly.

Q. The shot on 16 was good?
VIJAY SINGH: I thought so. I choked down a little too much. It started gusting a lot there and I should have backed off and I thought I had the right club.
You know, I told my caddie I could have hit it back of the green and 3-putted for bogey. You know, it was a good way to make par. I mean, it was a nice one to have.

Q. So you dropped and you saw what you had; did you feel good over the chip?
VIJAY SINGH: It was a makeable chip shot. I was contemplating taking the flag out. Just tried to get it close and get it in.

Q. With the Tiger factor tomorrow --
VIJAY SINGH: Well, I don't know what the weather is going to do. It's so bunched up, like Sean did today, went out early and shot 7-under. Somebody out of the pack could do that, and if the wind gets up -- I don't know what the weather.
So I'm just going to being out there and play my game and see if I can shoot low.

Q. Does your experience help, is that something a veteran golfer can let go of?
VIJAY SINGH: I just hung in there. I knew there's a lot of golf to be played and that's what I kept telling myself. There's a lot of holes and you played well on the back nine so, go get it back.

Q. You mentioned your caddie helping and focusing --
VIJAY SINGH: He just said, "Come on, let's go. This is not your game. So go play your game." That's what he said.

Q. Did the putt on 8 give you confidence for the drive on 9?
VIJAY SINGH: I hit a good drive on 8, too. The only bad one I hit was on the sixth hole.
But, yeah, that shot on 8, that putt on 8 was big, got me back and got me going.
Then making the birdie on 10 was big, too, definitely got my rhythm going again.

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