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March 14, 2008

Wink Adams

Lon Kruger

Curtis Terry


THE MODERATOR: Coach, go ahead.
COACH KRUGER: I thought you had two teams playing just really, really hard. I think any time you play Coach Boylen's team, you know they're going to come out with great effort and intensity, very well-organized and prepared.
Proud of our guys' response. I thought our guys stepped up there and battled. I thought both teams did for 40 minutes. Really outstanding college basketball game.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student-athletes.

Q. That possession where you had three offensive rebounds, can you talk about that.
CURTIS TERRY: I think all the credit goes to René, just hustling, flying around, just keeping the possessions alive for us, giving us another chance to not only take time off the clock, but also get another look at the basket.
WINK ADAMS: Just like Curtis said, all things go out to René. René, he worked hard. He's on offensive and defensive boards. Whenever we can get extra possessions, it's always good to our advantage. We was able to score off of them.

Q. Curtis, you were playing with a lot of emotion tonight. Can you talk about what this game meant to you.
CURTIS TERRY: Just trying to be aggressive and trying to do everything I can to help our team be successful.
We're feeling confident right now. We like the things we're doing on offense and defense. We had a lot of confidence tonight attacking Utah. Just trying to go out there and leave it on the court and try to play another day and try to make it to tomorrow. We're there now, so we just got to rest up and get ready for BYU tomorrow.

Q. Wink, you out-rebounded everybody on the Utah team, including Luke Nevill. Can you talk about the little things this team has to do because of their lack of size to crash the boards.
WINK ADAMS: We put all the emphasis just on the defense, you know, boxing out, all the little things a lot of people don't like to do, but that's the things we need to do to win games. Tonight I think we did a great job boxing out. I was able to go in and get some long rebounds for my team. René started getting some rebounds when we really needed it. Everybody was just doing a great job on the boards tonight.

Q. You blew out BYU here. You lost big up there. Thoughts on facing them for the title tomorrow?
CURTIS TERRY: We're ready for a battle. Our first two games so far have been long, hard-fought games. We're expecting nothing but the best from BYU. We know they're going to have a lot of emotion and fire, trying to come out here, both teams trying to compete and win a tournament championship and the automatic bid to the tournament. That's obviously a big thing and everybody's goal for the whole season.
Get some rest and let the coaches come up with something and we'll try to go out and execute to the best of our ability and try to get the job done tomorrow afternoon.

Q. There was a moment in the second half where it seemed like you were a bit frustrated. You had a few turnovers. You're the captain out there as far as running the rock. Tell us what you did to get the team back in the groove.
CURTIS TERRY: Just trying to reassure everybody. Myself, I had a turnover, dribbled off my foot one time. René got on me, let me know about it. I told him, I won't do it again. Everybody is just trying to be positive and reassure each other that if we slip up, we'll just work harder the next possession on defense and get it back, go down and execute on the other end. Guys are just working hard, working together, testing each other. That's the biggest thing with us.
THE MODERATOR: Guys, thanks very much. We'll let you two go.
Questions for Coach Kruger.

Q. You were up by two with a minute and a half left. Coach Boylen took Luke Nevill out of the game. Were you surprised by that? What was your plan to attack the Utah defense with him on the bench?
COACH KRUGER: Coach Boylen was playing kind of offense, defense there with Luke. We were trying to create a mismatch on our end offensively. It's a pretty normal thing to do, to try to match up with -- Tillie is a little more active laterally. No, that's what they've been doing. That's what we would expect them to do.
I think it's a smart thing to do.

Q. How did it feel to finally have your two biggest players get over 20 points in a game?
COACH KRUGER: It's great to get points out of anyone. Again, this is a group that doesn't really care who gets them. They've had different guys step up at different times. But to have Curt and Wink both score aggressively on the same night really helps our chances to win, of course.
But, again, the job Joe did, only scored a couple points, Matt Shaw, those guys really I thought battled Nevill, who is really a tough matchup, all night long.

Q. Any early thoughts on the matchup with BYU?
COACH KRUGER: Just haven't had any thoughts at all other than just generally, you know, they're our league champion. They've had an outstanding year. They've got a lot of weapons, a lot of difficult guys to match up with. Very deserving champions. We look forward to the challenge that we know it will be.
But they've had just a terrific year.

Q. I know you're looking at nothing but BYU tomorrow. Everyone in the room is thinking about this. Do you think with the win tonight your team will be part of that dance?
COACH KRUGER: My opinion doesn't really matter, you know. I think coaches in our position would think that, yes.
But we're not changing our thoughts at all. We've got to focus on tomorrow's game and line up and play a very good BYU club, not think about anything else.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, coach.
COACH KRUGER: Thank you.

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