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March 14, 2008

Jim Furyk


Q. Do you want to keep giving yourself chances?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, and I gave myself a lot of opportunities today. I made four birdies. I'm still happy with the position I'm in. Vijay put a great round together this morning, but another 67 keeps me in the hunt and I can play on the weekend.

Q. Happy to get in without too much rain?
JIM FURYK: Yeah, a little nervous going out the first three holes it was looking pretty bad, and then it was actually a pretty pleasant day. Overcast and damp but hardly any wind and less wind than they were calling for. Glad to get it in.

Q. Have you picked up on anything this week that might not have been doing earlier in the year, anything in particular about your swing?
JIM FURYK: Well, I'm always working on my game and trying to get it better. I worked hard on the off-weeks with my dad a little bit and worked on my swing. I worked on my equipment a little bit.
Yeah, I actually went back to some bad habits, some stuff that I had done in the past. I never felt like I was playing poorly on the West Coast, just a hair off here and there and didn't putt well.
So just went back to the basics and went back to some things that I've done wrong in the past and a few minor corrections and a little bit of an attitude adjustment, getting a little tired out there on the West Coast and played a little bit more than I usually would. So came here a little bit more fresh after two weeks and maybe a little better frame of mind.

Q. Can you give an example of a bad habit you fell into?
JIM FURYK: I have a habit of aiming to the left. When I'm on the putting green, I have a habit of aiming the putter face left. When I'm on the fairway, I rarely am aiming right; I usually have the face in close, so I've been trying to square up a little bit. I've tried to make sure it's back to square and that allows me to go ahead and make a freer swing and release the club where you get that club in there a little short at address and always feel like you're holding on and just it's not a pretty swing.

Q. A couple more comments on your round today?
JIM FURYK: I really gave myself a lot of opportunities on the back side and maybe didn't knock in a whole bunch of putts, but I was able to knock one in on 11 and 18, and overall, was real happy with lot of things I did. I drove the ball really well today, much better than I did yesterday. It was probably my only weakness yesterday.

Q. As far as the weekend, Vijay is a good front runner, but three shots, you're still there.
JIM FURYK: A lot can happen on this golf course. A lot of water, a lot of lakes, a lot of catastrophes it seems like and I've avoided them for two days and I haven't made a whole bunch of birdies to this point, but I've avoided those can catastrophes, and hopefully on the weekend I can make a few more birdies and a few more putts.

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