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March 13, 2008

Tim Anderson

Andrew Henke

Jeff Reynolds


THE MODERATOR: Coach, if you want to just take a minute or two and give us some opening comments about the game, we'd appreciate it.
COACH REYNOLDS: I thought our kids really battled in the second half. I thought the game could have went either way. You know, unfortunately, we didn't make a couple of shots, but really proud of our kids' effort. Just never-quit attitude and had a chance to win it down the stretch.
THE MODERATOR: All right, thanks, coach. For the next few minutes we'll just have questions directed to Andrew or Tim.

Q. Tim, how did you guys change the game and come back in the second half?
TIM ANDERSON: I think we just had to bring more effort to our offense and defense. San Diego State's a good team and they jumped out on us. But we had to, you know, wake up and answer the call.

Q. Hey, Tim, did you ever think that you'd be involved in a game where the team would score four baskets in the second half and win?
TIM ANDERSON: I didn't know that fact. But, I mean, that just is a testament to how tough of a game it was. It was a struggle on both ends of the court. And so, it was a battle and it could have gone either way.

Q. Tim, can you take us through what happened on the, I think, 15 seconds left Anwar went up for the lay-up and looks like you had a chance for the tip. How good was the chance? If you can just take us through that sequence what you saw.
TIM ANDERSON: I saw Anwar driving in there strong. It came off and there was an opportunity for a tip-back. But there was another player there that tipped it away as well. So it was just a scramble play.
They got a break and we missed an opportunity.

Q. Andrew, how do you feel about the team, you know, looking ahead? You'll be the leader next year.
ANDREW HENKE: I don't think too many of us are focused on next year right now. We played our hearts out tonight. And every guy in that locker room contributed to this whole season and to this game even though we lost.
But I think a lot of us are keeping our heads up and hoping we play another game.

Q. Tim, this is I guess you guys still haven't won a conference game. Was this the toughest for you just the way the game kind of went down at the end of the game?
TIM ANDERSON: I think every year conference tournament is a tough game. I can't really say this is the toughest one because in the past few years we've had some close games as well. And so this was definitely a battle.
And I mean, I'm blessed with these great teammates and great coaching staff because they kept us in the game most of the game. And it was a battle and I'm just happy to be on a team like this.

Q. Hey, Andrew, can you talk a little bit about the first half because they seem to hurt you guys a little bit with Amoroso around the rim then you really shut that off in the second half. What were you doing differently there?
ANDREW HENKE: I think in the second half we took care of the ball a little bit better. We had 11 turnovers in the first half and that led to some easy buckets. Amoroso got a couple as well at the end of the shot clock and they were hitting shots at the end of the shot clock too.
So we gave them a lot of credit that they hit some tough shots when they needed to and they made plays.
THE MODERATOR: Anything else for Tim or Andrew?

Q. Tim, Andrew mentioned hoping it was your guys' last game this season. What do you think the chances are for a post-season tournament?
TIM ANDERSON: As far as I understand it, there's two tournaments that we have a possibility to get into right now. And so we're hoping for a bid. And hopefully our conference was strong enough this year to prove that we deserve a spot.
THE MODERATOR: All right. Thanks, guys. Tim and Andrew, we'll let you guys leave. Good job.
Questions for Coach Reynolds.

Q. Can you just kind of take us through the last 20 seconds. You get the charge call. They put on the press. Anwar breaks the press. Were you hoping he'd pull up, maybe look for a last shot, call timeout or were you glad he saw the opening and got aggressive and went for it? It was his first shot of the game.
COACH REYNOLDS: No, we encouraged him to drive the basketball. In that situation we knew they were not going to foul. They didn't want to foul. And unfortunately, he got all the way to the rim and had an opportunity at a layup and it just didn't go in the hole. But we didn't want to call timeout.
And we had went over those, the opportunity situations in practice, and just didn't bounce our way.

Q. It was an interesting game in that you guys -- it's not unusual for you guys to go stretches without scoring or without scoring a lot of points anyway, but you went without scoring for four minutes in the first half. And you had eight points midway through the first half. What was going on there? Why weren't you more effective offensively early in the game?
COACH REYNOLDS: I thought San Diego played some solid defense. I thought they did a nice job of challenging our shots. I thought we had a couple of shots that went in, just didn't go in, that were open. But I thought San Diego State really pushed us away from the basket. They did a really good job with their post defense.
You know, and we weren't able to get anything generated off of our defense to get any easy shots.

Q. Coach, in the second half, did you feel like your guys expended so much energy coming back that maybe they didn't have enough left in the tank at the end or how did you see that at the end of the game?
COACH REYNOLDS: No, I didn't see that. I thought our effort was superb in the second half all the way to the end of the game.
THE MODERATOR: Any other questions for Coach Reynolds?

Q. Coach, again, thoughts on chances for a post-season tournament for you guys?
COACH REYNOLDS: Well, we certainly hope that we get some consideration. That's out of our hands right now. The -- you know, what we have told the kids that we'll meet on Sunday, and proceed accordingly.
THE MODERATOR: All right. Thanks, coach. Good luck.

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