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March 13, 2008

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: Whatever I'm doing in my golf swing, you've got to believe in your head that you're doing what you're doing.
I played nicely. It all changes when you putt well. I putted nicely today. When I went to cross-handed to the short putter which I haven't done for a while, and it just started flowing and started making a lot of putts, and that's the name of the game. If you play halfway decent and make putts, you're going to score well.

Q. What makes you make those decisions? Is it a whim or just changing?
VIJAY SINGH: You don't just go out there and change and do it. I've putted cross-handed with a belly putter and so I might as well play cross-handed with a short putter. I putted really well putting cross-handed with the short putter in the years past.
You know, both majors, I've won the Masters and the PGA, I've putted with the cross-handed short putter. So just thought and said, I haven't done that for a long time and maybe it's about time I did it.

Q. When is the last time you putted that way?
VIJAY SINGH: Last time with the short putter, gosh, I think it was the year I won the PGA in 2004.

Q. I hear you were kind of sick after your trip to India.
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I was a little sick. Still trying to get over it. But that's part of traveling, I lost a lot of pounds going over there, 18 pounds. Yeah, you cannot see it, but I'm just getting over it. I'm trying to get my strength back now.

Q. I know you won here last year, and getting ready for the Masters, but do you feel like your game is in better shape now than it was even last year?
VIJAY SINGH: Well, my expectations are so high at the moment that even the top, decent shots I'm getting, I think I should just accept that I'm going to miss-hit a lot of shots because I've changed my golf swing. And I'm losing patience much more quicker now than what I used to, so that's where it's showing up.
I'm trying to control that patience. I'm not giving myself enough credit that I'm hitting good enough shots.

Q. With the way the greens are here, is it kind of hard to be patient?
VIJAY SINGH: You just have to hit the right shots. If you hit all the greens, I think you don't have to expect that you're going to -- the easy thing is, you just pick your line and hit it now and hope it's going to go in. Pick a good line and you put a good stroke on it, that's all you can do.
On the good greens, you pick the line and you've got to make sure that it goes in, because if you don't, then everybody else is going to over take you. Over here, a lot of missed putts, so you just have to stay patient.

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