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March 13, 2008

Padraig Harrington


PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I holed about a 10-footer for bogey on the third so ended up 2-over and nice to finish 1-under.
I had a nice round up to that. Only real mistake I look back on was on the fifth. I bogeyed 5 and 6 -- no, bogeyed 6 and 7. Hit a bad shot into 6 with a 9-iron and a bad chip. Rest of the round was pretty solid.
It was a tough enough day. Happy enough with that. You know, I could say could have been a shot better here or there, or maybe a shot or two worse, who knows. But I think 71 is a reasonable affection and a reasonable start.

Q. Especially the way the wind it was?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: The wind was blowing. As I said, yeah, just a pretty tough day with the wind and you didn't want to -- you wanted to play solid golf in that, and I kind of did. Assuming that 4-under is leading or thereabouts, 1-under is fine.
Yeah, look forward, another three days to go and that's the main thing. It's a 72-hole event. 71 in the first round is always reasonably solid.

Q. How does the setup measure up for The European Tour?
PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I like it. I actually really like the way the golf course is set up. You know, European Tour usually would have quite heavy rough; that's not here. But it's a windy golf course and you don't need heavy rough. The greens are tough. The pin positions today, they set them up as pretty easy.
So as I said yesterday, if the tournament director wants to, we could be shooting over under out there, not under par. There's a potential to tighten up the pins a lot and they are not doing that because of the windy weather.
So that's always a good sign when the golf course, when you have potential to change the way the course plays with the pin positions and things like that. And they have that here, so that's a good sign of a tournament course.

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