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March 13, 2008

Inn-Choon Hwang


Q. Comments on your round?
INN-CHOON HWANG: This is my first time leading a tournament and I feel nervous. I feel like I have to do more and I played quite a good game today.

Q. What are your thoughts on your play today?
INN-CHOON HWANG: Actually when I practise, if I record a bad shot, I made good shots in the real play. Yesterday I did this in practise and made some bad shots. I was 6-over par, so I felt that probably today, I could make a 6-under par.
So for today's play, I'm quite satisfied, but at the last hole, I made a bad drive and that was a disappointment but overall I'm satisfied.

Q. Where did you practise during the wintertime, and was it effective?
INN-CHOON HWANG: Yeah, I think that was effective. Actually I got married on December 9th, and after that, I started my winter practise.
But at that time, I practised in a bit different way. Usually I focused on swing, but this time I focussed on the ball flight, and that was effective.

Q. Was there any difficulties during your play today?
INN-CHOON HWANG: Actually I hope the wind was not stronger than I expected, so it was fine.

Q. Do you say that because you played during the morning, you benefitted somewhat because the wind was not as strong? Usually the wind is much stronger in the afternoon.
INN-CHOON HWANG: Yes, I think so. And there is a wind type that I like. I like the side wind, but I don't like the headwind. Today the wind was a side wind, so I had some benefits from that.

Q. How will you manage the remaining three rounds?
INN-CHOON HWANG: Actually this is my first time in this large a scale tournament and I'm a bit nervous. But my focus is I'm going to focus and concentrate on every shot and after the third round if I still make a good performance, then probably I can aim at winning this tournament.

Q. What score do you expect?
INN-CHOON HWANG: Probably 12.
If the wind gusts were stronger than today, probably they expect the score would be around 10.

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