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March 12, 2008

Vijay Singh


Q. How do you find the course?
VIJAY SINGH: It's pretty much the same. They have tightened up some of the fairways, you know, 1, and a new tee on 3. But it's playing pretty good. There's a lot more grain on the greens this year than I have ever seen, so it's more bermuda so that's going to play a little different role.

Q. Greens seem to be okay?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, you know, the front nine greens are okay. They are better than the back nine greens. End of the day, I think they will try to roll it and cut it and make sure it's rolling the way we want it.

Q. Last year you won but you said you hated 18. What is it about 18 that you don't like?
VIJAY SINGH: Have you seen 18? Go around the corner and have a look at 18. (Chuckling)
It's just a difficult golf hole. To pick the right club and go for the Sunday pin is always the difficult one. You know, if you are one back or in the lead going at the pin, it's a tough hole. That's where all the mistakes come from.

Q. 16?
VIJAY SINGH: It was 4 last year. It's just a long, difficult hole. The greens are not easy. There's a lot of undulation on the greens there. 4 and 16 are both playing difficult.

Q. Does the green really fit being a par 4?
VIJAY SINGH: Not as long as it is. Probably if you put it 10, 15 yards shorter, then probably yeah. It fits a 7-iron, 8-iron. I hit an 8-iron today but the wind changes direction. The guys were hitting 3-irons into it yesterday. It will be a tough hole.

Q. A quick Masters question, the overall toughness of the golf course came out for the first time last year since the changes. Is it too extreme and has it taken the fun out of it?
VIJAY SINGH: It is Masters and it has not produced the long hitters that they said it was supposed to produce to win. I think it's a very fair golf course. It's tough but it's very fair and I think that's the way it should play.

Q. It's the 50th anniversary of the naming of Amen Corner. What do you feel when you go down there, is it as difficult a stretch as it's made out to be or is it more the legends around that?
VIJAY SINGH: I think it's become difficult the last few years, 11 playing as long as it is and 12 is always the same. Just pick the right club and hit it. I don't think 12 is as difficult as it used to be when you used to hit 7-irons and 6-irons to it. I think the technology change, we are only hitting 9-iron and 8-iron and that makes the hole a lot easier.
13, they have moved the tee back, so it's different now. It's a much longer par 5 than what it used to be.

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