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March 6, 2008

Beth Combs

Jenny Eckhart

Amy Jaeschke


THE MODERATOR: We welcome Northwestern Head Coach Beth Combs, student athletes Jenny Eckhart and Amy Jaeschke. Coach, if you would make an opening statement.
COACH BETH COMBS: Obviously a disappointing first round game for us. We really expected to come in here and win a ball game. And kudos to Indiana. A very defensive tough game, first half. They got a lot of transition points.
I'm proud of what our team has done this year. I know it's not shown up in the win-loss column. We've been through a lot of adversity this year. These players like Jenny and Amy have led the way for us and have held up under a lot of different circumstances. And I look forward to the future.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for the student athletes.

Q. Jenny, 13 points. But I know maybe there's turnovers. If you would talk about Indiana's defense to get to those steals?
JENNY ECKHART: I was disappointed in that part of my game. Something that I care a lot about, taking care of the ball as a point guard. So I was disappointed in myself with that.
But as you said, their defense was really good. Their hedging the screens, the passing lanes. I mean they did play good defense but at the same time I think I could have taken care of the ball better. I should be able to control that.

Q. Amy, can you talk a little bit about trying to stop Whitney and Amber down low. They were pretty good down on the boards. Could you talk about what you tried to do to stop them?
AMY JAESCHKE: All season long we struggled with blocking people out. The common theme coach always sort of tries to impress upon us. Once again, step up and back out. I think that's what's been killing us all year and killed us in this game also.
THE MODERATOR: If there are no more questions for Jenny or Amy, thank you. Questions for Coach Combs.

Q. Actually asked Coach Jack the same thing, but Jamie Braun, the team's leading scorer on Indiana, you guys held her scoreless, but she contributed in assists and a couple of steals?
COACH BETH COMBS: She's a great player. And unfortunately for us everybody else on the team stepped up. You talk about containing Jamie. She's obviously a fantastic player. But that's what makes Indiana a pretty good team to recon with. They didn't need her to score. They needed her to just hand them the ball and make the right decisions, and she definitely does that.

Q. Can you just talk about the start of the game when Amber scored the first 11 points, what you thought at that point, what you tried to do after that?
COACH BETH COMBS: Well, we've talked, a lot as Amy alluded to just, as far as rebounding and help side rotation. Our help side rotation wasn't there. They had four-on-three breaks and three-on-two breaks. They're making four passes in the breaks and we're not making the stops. Amber did a great job finishing them down low. But our help rotation wasn't there. Our box-outs weren't there and it put us in a hole early.

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