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March 2, 2008

Matt Jones


Q. How do you feel?
MATT JONES: Good and bad. It was disappointing the way I finished on 17, but overall it's a good start to the year. Got off to a good start, did pretty much what I wanted to.

Q. The $209,000 in the bank account must make you feel a little bit better, but take me through 17.
MATT JONES: I was in-between clubs, 3-iron and 4-iron. It was pretty windy and I took a 4 and just got a gust of wind, hung it up in the air and went in the water.

Q. Other than that, your driver was just a little bit off on the front nine, and you were hitting iron shots on the greens, that shot on 8, I told everybody, if you hit it on the green, I was leaving; I'm still here, but man what a shot.
MATT JONES: That was a good shot. But when you're as wild as I am like that with the driver, you get used to hitting shots like that. The not one of my best clubs in the bag, especially today in the wind, any miss-hit is tripled.

Q. How does it feel going into the rest of the year with such a good finish at this difficult golf course?
MATT JONES: It's good. I can only build from this experience. I've never been in this contention in my career on the PGA TOUR, so I can only take positives out of it.
Next time it will be a different story.

Q. Any chances to make birdies coming in?
MATT JONES: I don't think there's any. The last real good birdie chance was about 13, the short par 4. The pin on 14 is tough, that's really tough. 15 is just a brutal par 3, 16 is a brutal par 4, and 17, I don't have to say anything about that hole.

Q. What does it say about your mind-set when it's a course that you cannot antibiotic birdies and you're avoiding bogeys?
MATT JONES: Exactly. You're just trying to make par out there or if you hit a shot that's close or within 20 feet you hope to make that putt. But overall, it's just a grind those last few holes.

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