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March 1, 2008

Karrie Webb


Q. You started the day 5-under, today 2-under. What do you think in your round went right and went wrong?
KARRIE WEBB: I played pretty solidly, pretty similar every day I've played. I'm not hitting the ball really, really close. I'm hitting a lot of greens but lots of 15-, 20-footers. On these greens they're not the easiest to make all the time. But it's hard to get in closer to the pins, too, and I've had a lot of in between yardages where I can't -- I either have to hit a really short club and be 20 feet short or try and whack a longer club in there. So I feel pretty happy with the way things are going this week.

Q. Do you think the weather was a factor?
KARRIE WEBB: No, because the wind didn't get up, so I think it played about the same as it has the last couple days. I think we got lucky that we didn't have to play in the rain too much.

Q. On a day when everyone seemed to struggle, how would you rate your overall performance?
KARRIE WEBB: I'm pretty happy. I've shot under par every day. I would have liked to have maybe parred 17 and made that putt on the last. But the greens are tricky. You know, you've got to be patient out here and not be too hard on your putting because I don't think anyone is making a lot of putts except for Lorena.

Q. How costly do you think this was?
KARRIE WEBB: Not too costly. We've got one round to go. I just misread it. I hit a good putt, and you can't worry about it. If you hit good putts and they miss, then there's nothing much you can do about it.

Q. How has the course been today?
KARRIE WEBB: It probably played a little bit longer just because the fairways are a little bit wetter. But other than that, it played fairly similarly to the last couple days.

Q. Do you think the players now are all just going for second place? Do you think that Ochoa has got it in the bag already?
KARRIE WEBB: Yes, I think so. I think it'll be a good contest for second place tomorrow.

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