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March 1, 2008

Paula Creamer


THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in. You're tied for second place with Annika right now, eight shots off the lead. Just talk a little bit about your round today.
PAULA CREAMER: Well, I felt like I hit it a little better today than I did yesterday. I only scored one shot better. But I'm ready to go low tomorrow. I know it's going to take a lot and I'm going to need a little help from Lorena, but anything is possible.

Q. (Inaudible.)
PAULA CREAMER: Yeah, I was kind of in between clubs there. I went with what I thought. I hit a couple bad iron shots down the stretch and I was able to save par on those and I just wasn't able to do it on the last hole, which was unfortunate. But like I said, I hit it a lot better than I did yesterday, and one more day left.

Q. Going off in a different direction, I've been chatting with different people today about their impressions of the tournament as a whole. Instantly it seems it's Top 5 in the world right now. Where would you place it?
PAULA CREAMER: It's an unbelievable event. This is definitely one of our top tournaments that we've been to. It's run exceptionally well and very well organized. It's a great venue. I mean, coming to Singapore is a lot of fun. It brings excitement with the players, being able to travel overseas, and it's a good golf course. It's everything that you can ask for.

Q. Conveniently it's Lorena in the lead and then two winners from this year, you and Annika. Certainly a top-heavy leaderboard. Can you just talk about going into tomorrow -- you've done it before, but just talk about playing with Annika.
PAULA CREAMER: Well, it'll be a good group. It'll be a lot of hopefully good golf being played tomorrow. I'm ready to go low and I'm sure Annika is, as well. Lorena knows we're not right behind her but we're within reach. I think it'll be a lot of fun with the No. 1 player in the world and Lorena the No. 1 player in the world, and hopefully some day that's where I want to be, so it'll be a good group.

Q. Were you surprised Colin didn't get caddie of the year last night?
PAULA CREAMER: No, in my eyes Colin is the caddie of the year.

Q. You said you're going to need a little bit of help from Lorena now. Does that have the danger of affecting your patience?
PAULA CREAMER: No, I mean, I'm eight strokes back, so it's going to be kind of hard to win the tournament if she does that. The gap is going to get bigger and bigger. It's a matter of going out tomorrow and staying in my own world and trying to go as low as I can. What I need to do is try and eliminate all my bogeys and just play a solid round of golf.

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