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January 16, 2005

Robert Gamez

Shigeki Maruyama

Brett Quigley


Q. Talk about getting into contention. Had to be a nice feeling.

ROBERT GAMEZ: Yeah, it was nice. I played well all day. I had a couple of bad breaks on the back nine there, and I hit a couple of really good shots right over the pins and had no chance. One of them, I just hit a bad chip and I made a bad swing at 16 and I bogeyed.

You know, if you would have told me Wednesday morning when I woke up with this bronchitis that I would be right here, I would have thought you were crazy. But to be sick all week and play this well, I'm pretty happy with it.

Q. You've been on the cusp of winning the last couple of years, a couple of shots here and there. Do you think you can get over the hump this year?

ROBERT GAMEZ: I think so. I'm playing really well. I'm playing a lot smarter than I have been and I'm trying -- I don't know if maybe the cold did it this week, but I didn't get too excited or too down; or I didn't have enough energy to do that. This is how I tried to come into the week, try to play golf shots and hit the ball well. Just didn't pan out on the back.

BRETT QUIGLEY: 12 was up the hill probably 15 feet. After birdieing 11, that was nice. Really got it going the right direction.

Q. Was it the first chance you had coming in?

BRETT QUIGLEY: Yeah, I had a good chance on 15. That went straight up the hill. 15 was maybe 18 feet.

You know, I hit good second shot on 16, just chunked a shot on 17. I looked at the scoreboard on 18. I was kind of watching then we got a stretch where I didn't see any. I knew after I bogeyed 17, I had to make double-eagle to tie.

Q. Whether it's Ernie Els or Vijay Singh up there --

BRETT QUIGLEY: The numbers are what they are. It didn't matter that those two guys played a great round today. I mean, starting the day, I thought I had to shoot 3- or 4-under to win, and certainly, 3 would have done it.

Like I said earlier, after the start that I had, starting with three bogeys, it would have been easy to pack it up and shoot 75 and go about my business. But as it turned out, I had a chance to win the golf tournament still. Certainly, the first event of the year, I'm more than pleased.

Q. Were you looking forward to 18?

BRETT QUIGLEY: I was still -- I got back in it after I birdied 9. I knew that there were three guys at 10 and then I was at 9, but then never saw it again until after I bogeyed 17 and that just took all of the wind out of me. I was trying to eagle 18, but just couldn't get set.

Good week in Hawaii. Any week is a good week.

Q. You came in with the lead. Vijay had another great tournament. Maybe just talk about the day today.

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: I was just struggling putting today, that's all. It wasn't my day. If I could have made a few more good putts, it's my day. But always I was trying in the tournament. Putting is very important thing.

Q. Seeing the leaderboard with Ernie, Vijay coming in at 11, what were you trying to do the last few holes to get at least in a playoff? Obviously you had to try to hole out or do something the last couple of holes.

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: I was trying to hit the ball perfect. I knew Vijay and Ernie were there, looking at the leaderboard.

It's a very hard thing for me to make a putt. I was just struggling, more than yesterday or the day before, first three days. I knew someone coming up could make a big score. Lower scores here, that's my goal is to be like Ernie and Vijay.

Q. Talk about the support, not only from all of the people in Hawaii, but a lot of Japanese fans and media here; had to be a good feeling for you.

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Of course, I'm really happy to be cheered by all of the Japanese fans on the golf course. Of course, I'm really disappointed today in my golf, but hopefully I can come back and try to get the trophy sometime.

End of FastScripts.

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