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February 29, 2008

Matt Jones


STEWART MOORE: We'd like to welcome PGA TOUR rookie Matt Jones to the media center here at the Honda Classic. Second round 67, you're 7-under, one shot back and you're in the final pairing. You really snuck under the radar so far this year. You've made six of six cuts, I believe five Top-30 finishes. Talk a little about the year as a rookie-so far.
MATT JONES: It's been enjoyable. It's a big change from the Nationwide Tour. Everything is bigger and better out here, as you can see.
But it's fun. I played well on the Nationwide Tour last year which gave me a lot of confidence coming out here and seeing all my friends do well out here from the Nationwide Tour. It was just fun to finally get out here.
STEWART MOORE: Wind picked up this afternoon, and you're 1-over through two holes and you play the rest of the day 4-under while other guys were struggling. What seemed to be working for you?
MATT JONES: It's tough. It's not an easy tough when you start on 10, either, 10 and 11 are tough holes and then you have 15, 16, 17, 18, too.
I would say my short game, putting. Putted really well the last two days, and then getting up-and-down when I need to from certain spots to keep the round going. I would say more so my short game which is quite handy to have working out on this golf course.

Q. What do you think it's going to be like for you tomorrow playing in the final group first time on the PGA TOUR?
MATT JONES: It will be fun. I mean, I have no expectations. Never been there before on the PGA TOUR. I'll just go out there and see what happens with my golf game and learn from it.

Q. You have no expectations, but there must be a little bit of you thinking, this could be a really magic weekend.
MATT JONES: Of course, that's in the back of my mind. But with 36 holes to go, there's a long way to go, especially on this golf course.

Q. What do you think of the golf course?
MATT JONES: It's very good. It's tough. Very, very tough.

Q. Do you see when a guy like Mark Wilson wins here last year, been to Q-School ten straight times, does that factor in, do you think, "If he can win I can win here"?
MATT JONES: Not at all. He's a good player, great player. He's been out here, for I don't know how many years. I don't look at golf like that, comparing myself to other players or saying, if he can do it, I can do it. Anyone's good enough to win any week out here.

Q. Do the courses where you're only going to get three or four birdies usually and you're trying to make par for the others, does that fit your game better?
MATT JONES: When I look back at it, I probably would say yes, the harder the course, the more you have to grind out around and you can save pars and make a few birdies here and there and just keep the round going. I would say that definitely suits my game the best.
I'm not one of those players that goes ridiculously low. I'll grind out a round and shoot 3- or 4-under. So I would say this course, it seems to be working pretty well for me.
STEWART MOORE: Last year on the Nationwide Tour, over 300,000 in earnings, no wins, but four runner-up finishes; do you draw on that experience going into tomorrow?
MATT JONES: I'll try to. I'll see what happens when I'm out there, though. I've never done it on the PGA TOUR, but I'll try and draw on it. I don't know how you draw on it. You just do it. You've been there before, so you just play golf and that's about it.

Q. When was your last win?
MATT JONES: My last win? Probably 2001 when I won a mini-tour event, 2002 maybe. I can't remember when it was.

Q. Where was that at?
MATT JONES: The California Open.

Q. Talking about Arizona State, the young contingent of guys on Tour that are playing well, Jeff Quinney, a good friend of yours.
MATT JONES: Jeff, I lived with Jeff -- I've probably lived with Jeff for about four or five years; I did. There was Paul Casey, as well, who has done well out here, Chez Reavie; Park is out here this year, Alejandro, I never played with him. It's fun and good to see familiar faces out here, especially guys from back in the day in college, back in 2000, 2001 and '99.
STEWART MOORE: Matt, thanks so much. Good luck tomorrow.

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