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February 28, 2008

Vijay Singh


VIJAY SINGH: It was very disappointing. I hit the ball really good but didn't putt particularly well and threw away a few shots. I must have hit five or six loose shots out there. 2-under is under par but very disappointing.

Q. The greens are very hard to putt on.
VIJAY SINGH: They are very grainy and to read the grains is half the problem. It really helps having local knowledge. But it wasn't playing that difficult and if you hit the driver down the middle you can score and I wouldn't be surprised if someone shoots low out there.

Q. What score do you expect will win?
VIJAY SINGH: It always goes to about 11, 12 under so I would expect the winning score to be 12, 14 under, somewhere around there unless they put the pins in awkward places. If you play the short irons well, you can score. The par fives are not playing particularly difficult but it is tricky. There is a lot more rough than when I played the skins and the pins are different, they were easy then, but it is a different course now.

Q. Where did you face problems?
VIJAY SINGH: I didn't face any problems, just caused them myself. I hit a good drive down the 18th and had a six iron in my hand and put it in the water. Things like that. Instead of making four I shoot a six and if you throw away shots like that you are not going to shoot that low.

Q. What did you think of your player partner's shirt?
VIJAY SINGH: Maybe he should quieten down a little and he might play better golf (laughs). He seems to like the hype and says it pays the bills so good for him.

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