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February 24, 2008

Henrik Stenson


Q. Obviously not the match you wanted to play in today but you still must be pleased with a very good performance?
HENRIK STENSON: Yes absolutely. It is tough and, honestly, if I was to make the decisions on this championship, I think probably Justin and I would have been happy not to play today and take a tie for third place. It is hard to mobilise the energy for a match for third place but obviously once you get out there you are trying hard and wanting to win as much as you can. Being third here was way above my expectations, coming here with little or no preparation because I was ill. And so being able to do so well, I'm delighted.

Q. Do you think you're knowledge of the course and your experience here from last year helped to make up for that lack of preparation?
HENRIK STENSON: Yes, no question. At one stage before the week I thought I might have to fly in here maybe Monday night or even Tuesday morning because I wasn't feeling that well at all, but I thought that if I had to do that, at least I am one of the players in the field who has played the most rounds here and I know all the pin positions and that kind of helps to have that in the trunk when you come into an event like this.

Q. Even though you say it would be nice to share third, being third on your own brings important world ranking points, Order of Merit points, Ryder Cup points etc?
HENRIK STENSON: Absolutely and that is exactly what I was playing for today. I got off to a flying start and that gave me a big boost and then it was all really worth it when I managed to pull it off.

Q. You couldn't have wished for a better start, being four up after four?
HENRIK STENSON: No I couldn't, it was a fantastic start and it was difficult for Justin to get back after that. I was a little bit wayward after that, hit a couple of poor shots on the seventh and the ninth and then on the tenth which allowed him to come back a little bit, but after that I settled down and managed to stay on top of things and grind it out.

Q. Talk us through the 15th which you won to move you three up with three to play?
HENRIK STENSON: Well we hit two good tee balls and I hit a wedge I was really happy with, one yard short of pin high and it just backed up a fraction and it rolled all the way back down the green and then he went for the glory shot to try and make up some ground and he just missed it over the green and then from there, he only had one choice, in the hole or he was off the green the same as me and so he ended up in three where I was in two so it was my hole from there.

Q. This will be the only match play you play until September, I trust you will be looking forward to producing this type of form for Europe at Valhalla?
HENRIK STENSON: Yes well I have had a great record in match play and I hope I can keep on playing well throughout the season, get my points up and be part of that again, that would be great.

Q. You are in a strong position now in the Rankings, you must be fairly confident of making the team?
HENRIK STENSON: Well nothing is for sure but it has been a great start to the season with the two seconds in Abu Dhabi and Qatar and the sixth in Dubai and third here. I wanted to get some points on the board and I've managed to do that and now I have time to have some rest, work on my game and be fresh for Doral and Augusta.

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