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February 23, 2008

Henrik Stenson


Q. A valiant fight - that putt you made on the 16th must have made you feel good?
HENRIK STENSON: Yes it got me back into it definitely but unfortunately I wasn't driving the ball that good today in the afternoon and I had one or two putts that I should have made and didn't and that was the difference in me not being able to push it right to the end.

Q. How difficult a task was it facing up to the World Number One?
HENRIK STENSON: I knew it was going to be really hard and I knew that I had to play better than I did obviously. I put up a good fight but I am still a little bit disappointed with a couple of holes there and two or three shots that were a little bit out.

Q. You can't be too disappointed because you took him down to the wire?
HENRIK STENSON: Well he's been pushed a few times this week and that is all any of us can do, keep on trying and eventually we'll get him.

Q. How tough was it out there?
HENRIK STENSON: I think I put up a pretty good fight and as I said I think I'm a little disappointed just one or two putts didn't go my way and I hit a couple of wayward drives and I think that was the difference really.

Q. Do you learn something playing with the world's number one player playing in a format like this?
HENRIK STENSON: It is a lot of pressure but you learn you have to keep on going. Unfortunately I haven't been 100 % on my game this week even though it has been very good, there is still a little bit more to wish for and to work on in a few of my shots.

Q. What were the putts that didn't go in for you?
HENRIK STENSON: Well I had a par saver on three from about five feet, something like that, which I missed and then another one which was a little bit crucial was the one on ten. We both missed the green and played pretty good pitch shots and I missed a six or seven footer for birdie to put him one up there. It was just two putts I should have made and on top of that the driver wasn't that good either. I hit a wayward one on the 13th even though I got away with a half there with a brilliant third shot and the one on the 17th, I think that hit somebody on the flight and bounced back into the rough and didn't give me a lie to go for it in two.

Q. It was a heck of a run for you though this week?
HENRIK STENSON: Yes it has been a good week and there is another match there for me tomorrow don't forget and I will hopefully try and go out there and wrap that one up to finish third. But regardless of how it goes tomorrow I am still very happy with the way I played this week. Getting it to the semi finals with little or no preparation coming into the week so I am happy with that.

Q. You said you have to keep pushing him?
HENRIK STENSON: Well yes you have. We were all square after 16 holes and as I said I felt like I left a couple of shots out there so I just needed to finish off a little better and make my birdie on the 17th and then we'd have been all square coming up the last. But at the last I just tried to push a sand wedge a little hard from 120 metres out and then hit the third shot fat trying to get it really close.

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